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Child and Family Sensitive Practice

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Child and Family Sensitive Practice is practice in traditionally adult-focused services (including collaborative practice between adult services and child and family services), which is supportive of parents in their parenting role and attends to the needs of children. Child and Family Sensitive Practice is provided in the context of service provision where the primary role of the practitioner is to treat or respond to a presenting adult problem. Child and Family Sensitive Practice is different from - and does not replace the need for - childrenís, parenting and family support practitioners and services.

Practitioners who enrol in Child and Family Sensitive Practice training will learn and practice skills in:

Why is Child and Family Sensitive Practice Important?

Quick Facts
1. 13% of Australian children aged 12 years were exposed to an adult who regularly binge drinks

2. An estimated 1.5% of children under the age of 15 years in Australia have a parent who is attending drug treatment

3. 49% of people who experienced violence by a current partner reported that they had children in their care

4. Families were one-quarter (26%) of the homeless population

5. An estimated one quarter of Australian children are living with at least one parent who has a mental illness

Having an understanding of an adultís parental responsibility and the needs of their children can be enormously valuable for practitioners working in adult-focused services.

Parenting is enormously significant as both a motivator for change and a major stressor. Exploring parenting issues with an adult you are working with can enhance both the service and support you offer them in a number of ways. These may include:

Exploring parenting issues will also benefit children in the care of the adults you are working with. Benefits here include:

Child and Family Sensitive Practice Training

The training will be developed for delivery via online e-learning modules.

Supporting the implementation of Child and Family Sensitive Practice in the work-place

Training participants will be supported to practice their new knowledge and skills with work-based learning activities (eg ideas for engaging an adult on a parenting issue and identifying the needs of children). Work-based learning activities will also contribute training accreditation. Training participants will also have access to BCBB practice coaches who can provide follow-up support after training when they are back in the work-place.

Organisations who enrol their staff in training will also have access to BCBB coaching to help them assess and make any necessary changes to the work environment to support the implementation of practice change.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a cost?

Training and implementation support are provided free as part of the Building Capacity, Building Bridges trial.

How many of my staff can I enrol in the training?

Dependent upon the level of interest in each site, places may be limited. Get in touch today to express an interest in training for yourself or for staff in your organisation.

When and where will the training be held?

Training is held locally in each of the Building Capacity, Building Bridges sites across Australia. What about new staff who miss the training?

Who do I contact to register my interest or to find out more?

Australian Centre for Child Protection
Ph 08 8302 2955 or 8302 8302