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What behaviours are a problem for foster carers?

The Australian Centre for Child Protection is a national research centre at the University of South Australia, Adelaide. As part of the Centre's research program on behaviour problems and mental health concerns amongst children placed in out-of-home care, we are seeking the views of foster carers about their experiences in caring for children. In particular we would like to learn about the behaviours that children may exhibit that might be a problem for foster carers.

Why is the research being conducted?

While it is commonly reported that children in out-of-home care have high levels of difficult and challenging behaviour, little is known about what behaviours in particular foster carers might find to especially be a problem. We are interested in learning from you which behaviours, if any, are especially problematic and might contribute to placement breakdown.

What will you be asked to do?

You are invited to participate in a brief online survey about this topic. It is envisaged that this survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time. It is hoped that this research may in the future contribute to the stable care of children by determining which behaviours are problematic for carers.

Start the survey now

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Your Participation is Voluntary and Anonymous

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. You may choose not to participate in the survey or withdraw from the research at any stage. Your individual survey results will be confidential and will not be identifiable. The data obtained from this study will be kept in a locked cabinet at the Australian Centre for Child Protection for 7 years following completion of the study and will only be accessible to the lead researcher on this project.

What are the expected benefits of the research?

Aggregate results from the surveys completed by a large number of foster carers will be used to identify the behavioural issues that foster carers find problematic. It is envisaged that the information obtained in this study may ultimately contribute to the development of services and supports for children in foster care that exhibit challenging behaviours.

Risks to You

It is possible that taking part in this survey may remind you of behaviours and experiences that are distressing. A list of counselling and help-lines are provided below.

Feedback to you

A summary of the results of this study will be available by January 2013 from Dr Sara McLean sara.mclean@unisa.edu.au

Questions/ Further Information

If you have any questions about the research process or the nature of the survey itself, please contact Dr Sara McLean, Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Child Protection, Tel: (08) 8302 2939; Email: sara.mclean@unisa.edu.au

The Ethical Conduct of this Research

This project has been approved by the University of South Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have any ethical concerns regarding this project please contact the Executive Officer UniSA Human Research Ethics Committee Ms Vicky Allen on (08) 8302 3118, or via email vicky.allen@unisa.edu.au. Please retain a copy of this information for your records.

24 hour Help-Line Services Australia-Wide

Lifeline A general assistance service for everyone
Ph: 13 11 14

Child Abuse Prevention Service Assistance to those affected by child abuse, and individuals concerned for the welfare of a child or needing family/parenting support
Freecall: 1800 688 009
Website: www.childabuseprevention.com.au

Other Help Line and Support Services in South Australia (pdf, 252Kb)