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Performative Voices: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Music Research

01 December - 2 December 2012

Performative Voices: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Music Research is a research colloquium sponsored by the University of South Australia's Hawke Research Institute and a satellite event of the Musicological Society of Australia's 2012 Annual Conference. The Colloquium aims to present the latest Australian research into the performativity of music. Two distinguished speakers will deliver the keynote addresses: Professor Margaret Kartomi (Monash University) and Professor Jane Davidson (University of Western Australia). The invited speakers include Associate Professor Michael Halliwell (University of Sydney) and Dr Paul Watt (Monash university).

The best paper presented at the research colloquium will be awarded the Musicological Society of Australia Keynote Address Prize which is an opportunity for the winner to present their research as a keynote address at the MSA Annual Conference in 2013.

For more information visit unisa.edu.au/Performative-Voices

Sound, Music, Context

30 October 2012 

The School of Communication, International Studies and Languages at the University of South Australia, in collaboration with the Musicological Society of Australia, South Australian Chapter, is hosting a free music research event open to all SA- based Honours, Masters and PhD students. Papers include topics related to musicological, ethnomusicological, ecomusicological and practice-as-research of diverse music styles and genres as well as enquiries into socio-cultural aspects of music production.

Postgraduate students who deliver a paper at the Honours and Postgraduate Research Day are given free entrance to the Performative Voices: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Music Research Colloquium on 1-2 December 2012, University of South Australia, Magill Campus, D1-09 Hartley Playhouse Theatre. Renowned visiting Austrlaian musicologists and/or music practitioners Professor Michael Halliwell from The University of Sydney, Dr Nicholas Routley, Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney and Dr Paul Watt from Monash University will be chairing sessions and providing high-quality feedback to the students.

For more information visit unisa.edu.au/SoundMusicContext

Music Theatre 2 Concert

26 October 2012
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Hartley Playhouse

Music Theatre 2 students present:
Songs and instrumental pieces, arrangements of popular pieces and original compositions.

Music Theatre 2 is part of Music Media and Media Arts which train artists to develop their careers in this ever-changing field. The program recruits practicing musicians, year 12 music graduates and others with a healthy interest in music and allows them to explore a broad cultural canvas in Music Theatre, World Music, Progressive Rock, and Jazz. At the heart of all this activity are well resourced projects with outstanding professional participants. Students perform music, perform in community events, compose their own pieces, develop and record CDs and DVDs.

History of Jazz Open Lecture

Wednesday 24 October 2012
7:00 - 9:00 pm Hartley Playhouse

Three jazz musicians based in South Australia, Daniela Kaleva (vocals), Don Brow (flute, clarinet, saxophone) and John Radcliff (guitar), perform and speak to the History of Jazz music course about jazz in Australia and in Adelaide, singing jazz, playing jazz , the intricacies of their instruments and ensemble playing. John Radcliff is a guitarist with a background in rock-n-roll, Rip It Up, rock, The Rock Doctors, and swing and jazz, Red Fedora and Quadrant. He plays regularly with Don Brow in a duo called Jazzin' Around. Prolific instrumentalist and father of South Australian jazz Don Brow is the leader of the Dukes of Jazz Quartet and Sextet and the author/editor of the website and jazz newsletter Jazz Scene. Daniela Kaleva coordinates and teaches History of Jazz which explores the main jazz eras, styles and narratives through the potency of the written word and playlists created by renowned jazz scholars and critics, and the students themselves.







For more information:
Dr Daniela Kaleva
School of Communication, International Studies and Languages
E-mail: daniela.kaleva@unisa.edu.au

The South Australian Globalist - New release, Volume 5, Winter 2012

The South Australian GlobalistJoining Yale and Oxford as part of the prestigious Global21 network, UniSA presents The South Australian Globalist magazine, focusing on the future of global political, economic and social issues.  Global21 is a student-run international affairs network that invites select universities to publish the best of students' work to create a global forum for the discussion of international issues.  The South Australian Globalist magazine provides students from the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages an opportunity to showcase their work on the world stage, exchange ideas and network with students, think-tanks and businesses world-wide. 

Download the latest edition Volume 5, Winter 2012.

Perish The Thought

Perish The Thought

The challenges of dementia will be brought to life on stage during Dementia Awareness Week 2012 in a new play aiming to highlight the role of people who care for those with dementia.

Directed by UniSA lecturer Dr Russell Fewster and written by author and puppeteer Susan Harris, Perish the Thought, which premieres on World Alzheimer's Day, uses puppetry, live music and theatrical performance to offer audiences a unique glimpse into the lives of people with dementia and those who look after them.

Adapted from Harris's book A Special Place: caring for a parent with Alzheimer's - the journey, the play follows the lives of a father and daughter who are struggling to cope with his progressive dementia. Harris says the play sheds light on the impact dementia has on the carers.

Perish the Thought will run from September 19 - 29 at Holden Street Theatre. Tickets are available on www.venuetix.com.au

Interview Contacts

Media Contact

For more information please see the media release

Magill @ Twilight

12 September, 2012
3.30pm - 8.30pm
Magill Campus
Find out about education, social science, social work, international relations, psychology, history, languages, communication and media programs. Enjoy interactive workshops, live performances and a short film festival set against the picturesque Magill twilight.

For more information, campus locations and to register your attendance, call 1300 UNI NOW or visit unisa.edu.au/infosessions

2012 Open Day

Open DayThe School of Communication, International Studies and Languages (CIL) would like to thank CIL staff, current and former students, student ambassadors and volunteers for their contribution and commitment towards making Open Day such a success.    

Our Public Relations team did an outstanding job of providing a social media presence for the school and also maintained an active Twitter feed all day.

The school would also like to acknowledge the efforts of our Communication and Media hub team for ensuring the schools media capabilities were well presented.   

A sincere thank you to everyone involved for your commitment to ensuring CIL was well represented at such an important recruitment event for the School.

Associate Head of School: Teaching and Learning
School of Communication, International Studies and Languages

Persuading Plato

Ioana Petrescu's third poetry collection, Persuading Plato, will be launched on Wednesday 22 August at 6 pm at the SA Writers' Centre, 2nd Floor 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide.  Acclaimed poet and Radio National's Poetica Producer Mike Ladd is launching the book. While enjoying the drinks and nibbles on offer, you will also be able to chat to Stephen Matthews of Ginninderra Press, publisher of this poetry collection, about your own book publication opportunities.

Dr Petrescu is a Senior Lecturer in Writing and Creative Communication with the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages and the Director of the Poetry and Poetics Centre.

This event is open to the general public.

Head of School, Professor Clayton MacKenzie presenting at the book launch.2012 Certificate and Prize Presentation Evening

The School of Communication, International Studies and Languages held a Certificate and Prize Presentation Evening on Friday 20 July 2012 at Magill Campus. 

UniSA senior staff members were in attendance to present awards and congratulate successful students.  

The program included music and poetry reading performances by our talented students including;
Abbie Von Bertouch
Tanya Cornish
Edoardo Crismani
Maddy Arthur and Paul Stubbings  

Head of School, Professor Clayton MacKenzie presenting at the book launch.

The school would like to thank the following sponsors;
The Australian Centre for Child Protection Student Journalism Prize - Undergraduate
The Australian Centre for Child Protection Student Journalism Prize - Postgraduate
The Cecil Teesdale-Smith (Literary) Award (Bequeathed by Cecil Teesdale-Smith)
The Schulz Communication Prize (Sponsored by Mr Roy and Dr Pamela Schulz)
The Brain Injury Network (BINSA) Creative and Feature Writing Award (Sponsored by Brain Injury Network)
The National Nine News Student Journalism Award (Sponsored by Channel 9)
The Channel 7 Best Television News Story (Sponsored by Channel 7)

Click here to download the program

2012 Certificate and Prize  Presentation Evening program

Ioana Petrescu poetry readingWords @ the Wall

A late afternoon Eastern European Poetry Performance
Treasures Wall, 1st Floor State Library, North Terrace
Wednesday June 20th 2012 from 5.30pm - 6.15pm

At the performance MC Julia Wakefield introduced poets: Ioana Petrescu, Romanian-born Adelaide poet and academic and Serbian poet, Jelena Dinic. Both poets read from their latest publications. Ioana Petrescu is a well published, highly acclaimed poet and Senior Lecturer in Writing and Creative Communication with the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages.

Both poets were delighted to sign books after the performance. Light refreshments were provided by the State Library of SA.

This was a free event - everyone was welcome.

Check inNew Youth Current Affairs television show  

The new student broadcast program called "Check In" was officially launched by  Journalism students on 12 June, 2012.  The filming of the final episode occurred in front of a live audience at the TV Studio on Magill Campus.

Following the filming staff and students  enjoyed a launch party and presentation. Invitations were extended to staff members to attend the free event.   

Anne Norman Performing in PERF 1009 World Music Lecture

8 June 2012
Renowned Australian shakuhachi player Anne Norman speaks to World Music students about her instrument, the various art forms, genres and musicians she works with and her philosophy as a musician. Anne Norman is a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. Anne is an intuitive performer and particularly enjoys spontaneous improvisation with musicians and dancers.

For more information:
Dr Daniela Kaleva
School of Communication, International Studies and Languages
E-mail: daniela.kaleva@unisa.edu.au

Baal Performance

The School of Communication, International Studies and Languages extended an invitation to all staff and students to the third year media arts production of the play Baal  by  Bertolt Brecht. The production was a rock music theatre version of the rise and fall of an anti-social artist with six songs plus play text.

The performance ran for 90 minutes and was free for staff and students.

The play was held at UniSA Magill Campus, Hartley Playhouse Theatre on June 1st and 2nd.

For further information with regards to this production please contact: Russell.Fewster@unisa.edu.au  


Music Theatre Student Concert

A music theatre concert was held at the Hartley Playhouse on 25 and 26 May, 2012 from 7.30pm - 10.30pm.

The program included a range of acts performed by Music Theatre 1 and 3 students including a stage production titled "Overload".

One of the many wonderful acts included the Boogie Woogie Bungle Boy (The Andrew Sisters) performed by Briony Scott, Ebony Pfeiffer, Amanda Cox, Jenna Hutton, Ollie Lee (vocals),  Ally Rowling (piano), Zach Caporale (bass), Nathan Sahb (drums), Belinda Skelton (alto saxophone) and Richard Chew (keyboard)

The performers thanked the following people for their contribution towards making the concert a success.

Richard Chew (Music Lecturer, Mentor and Organiser), Nat Texler (Sound Technician) , Phil Vanhout (Sound and Microphones),

Alex Plisko (Lighting), David  Muggleton (Stage Manager), Sam Kwon (Stage Helper), Yetchi Yeung (Stage Helper) and Teh Wei Wen (Stage Helper).

For further information please contact Richard Chew on Richard.Chew@unisa.edu.au

Piping Shrike Student Book Launch
16 May 2012

The School of Communication, International Studies and Languages recently celebrated a new book in the Piping Shrike series titled 'Phoenix'. The Piping Shrike series is a yearly student publication put together by students for students under staff supervision. All materials have been produced in creative writing classes, they were submitted to a student editorial board which selected the best submission and put together the book, which was then edited by our editing and publishing students. There have been nine books produced so far over the past 10 years.

Piping Shrike Head of School, Professor Clayton MacKenzie presenting at the book launch.

Ustad Tari Khan Concert as part of PERF 1009 World Music Lecture

23 March 2012

Renowned tabla virtuoso Ustad Tari Khan presents his mesmerising art and explains to world music students how the instrument and his music work. In the realm of South Asian music, when it comes to percussionists emanating from the sub-continent the name of Ustad Tari Khan is inseparable from Tabla. Born in Lahore Pakistan, Tari Khan hails from a family of musicians whose lineage can be traced back to Bhai Mardana. Tari Khan develops an instant rapport with his audience and keeps them both engaged and enthralled throughout his performance. The audience latches on to the performance closely following Tari Khan on his journey through peshkars, qaidas, relas, parans, guts, tihais, and chakardars. He has been able to endear Tabla to listeners who are not aficionados of Indian/Pakistani classical music by developing and playing items such as Tabla Tarang, International Kherwa and Tabla Train. In Tabla Tarang Tari Khan tuned a dozen Tablas (one for each note) and played popular melodies and ragas.

For more information:
Dr Daniela Kaleva
School of Communication, International Studies and Languages
E-mail: daniela.kaleva@unisa.edu.au