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CREEW Major Projects - Learning/Teaching/Curriculum


Current Projects

Addressing the teacher exodus: Enhancing early career teacher resilience and retention in changing times
Funding body: ARC Linkage Grant 2008 - 2012
Researchers:  Professor Bruce Johnson, Professor Barry Down (Murdoch); Dr Rosie Le Cornu; Dr Judy Peters; Dr Anna Sullivan; Dr Jane
Pearce (Murdoch); Ms Janet Hunter (Edith Cowan)

The first few years of teaching are difficult for many teachers. Yet research into the problems of beginning teachers is nearly exhausted. Few new ideas about how to address these problems are emerging. There is a need for a new generation of collaborative research that investigates how beginning teachers develop resilience and sustain their commitment to teaching. Therefore, this project aims to find out how early career teachers deal with threats to their wellbeing. It will
identify what internal strengths and external strategies promote teacher resilience. It will provide the evidence base for interventions that will increase teacher commitment and reduce teacher attrition.

The project involves a strong collaboration between UniSA, Murdoch University, Edith Cowen University and seven Industry Partners in SA and WA. The ARC will contribute $140,000 to the project, with cash and in-kind contributions by the collaborating Universities and Industry Partners making this a million dollar investment in research into early career teacher resilience and retention over the next five years.

Learning resource development
Funding body: Open Universities Australia
Researchers: Michael O'Donoghue, Heather Foster & Robert Crotty

An investigation of how generic skills and understandings are represented in official curriculum texts nationally and internationally, and in teachers practices locally
Funding body: UniSA DRPF Grant
Researchers: Alan Reid, Bruce Johnson, with Rosie Kerin

Beyond national boundaries? An international comparative study of the construction of citizenship as represented in the curricula and pedagogy of school-based citizenship education
Funding body: UniSA DRPF Grant
Researchers: Alan Reid, Judy Gill

Education investment in Australian schooling: Serving public purposes
Funding body: ARC
Researchers: Alan Reid with Professor Jack Keating (Melbourne University); Professor Bill Mulford (University of Tasmania); and Associate Professor Neil Cranston (University of Queensland); Australian Government Primary Principals Association Education Foundation.

International approaches to civic education
Funding body: UniSA/HRISS seeding grant
Researchers: Judy Gill & Alan Reid

Reality Check: Matching needs and learning in regional Australia
Funding body: NVETRE
Researchers: Sue Gelade with Dr Tricia Fox (QUT)
This research interrogates the notions of match and mismatch between VET delivery and need, or perceptions of need by industry in regional locations. The research investigates how stakeholders, such as those connected with regional development boards, might use their local knowledge, in light of economic realities, to leverage providers to deliver appropriate skill development. The research was guided by two key questions:

This study involved a three-stage collection of data, to compare the views on how and whether needs are matched with learning. The first stage was to examine recent literature and web sources for regional course information that could be related to identified regional industries. The second stage involved telephone interviews with TAFE institutes about the ways in which they make decisions on course offerings, the flexible options they offer to learners and industries on those courses; and their views on making their courses more flexible. In the third stage, the study investigated the regional industry view of skill development through the eyes of two regional development groups: The Limestone Coast in South Australia and the Cairns Region in Queensland. In this stage, the research focussed on questions about the negotiations undertaken by industries with training providers and covered: their leverage to get courses operating, what solutions and funding have they accessed, what economic or industry factors influence decisions, and how they relate economic opportunities with realistic local frameworks.

PNG Curriculum reform implementation project: Impact study 4
Funding body: Coffey International
Researchers: Rosemary Badenoch

Reinvigorating middle years pedagogy
Funding body: ARC Linkage
Researchers: Rob Hattam, Alan Reid et al.

Learning to learn
Funding body: DETE
Researchers: Judith Peters & Rosie Le Cornu
An innovative South Australian project aimed at developing curriculum policy for the future.



Recently Completed Projects

Child protection curricula in schools
Funding body: DECS
Researchers: Bruce Johnson
This project will involve schools and preschools in the Darlington/Seaview Cluster working collaboratively to conduct research on six issues: delineating curriculum authority; promoting facilitative leadership; establishing moral purpose; generating community support; promoting and assessing educator learning; and promoting and assessing teacher learning. These issues will be addressed through promoting evidence-based practice through local inquiry and promoting networking within and across sites. A range of inquiry approaches and techniques will be used. Action research reports will be delivered in July 2006 and a final report in September 2006. This project is registered on the Project Quality System at UniSA. More about the PQS here.

Calling Australia home: Children's understanding of national identity and place
Funding body: ATN Research Grant
Researchers: Judy Gill & Sue Howard

Schooling and the construction of allegiance
Funding body: UniSA/DEASS
Researchers: Judy Gill & Sue Howard

Factors influencing the behaviour of students as bystanders observing peer victimisation in primary and secondary schools
Funding body: UniSA Divisional grant
Researchers: Bruce Johnson & Rigby

Constructions of learners and learning
Funding body: NREC
Researchers: Michele Simons, Roger Harris with E. Smith (CSU)

Design as a process: Primary teacher practices that encourage students to work technologically through design
Funding body: UniSA/CREEW Seed Grant
Researchers: Yvonne Zeegers & Denise MacGregor

Pedagogical practices in mathematics and science that assist student transition in the middle years of schooling
Funding body: Divisional Research Grant
Researchers: Yvonne Zeegers, Bruce White & Ian Clark

Teaching as risky business: Teacher education students' views on 'no touch' and other 'risk management' strategies in schools
Funding body: UniSA/CREEW Seed Grant
Researchers: Bruce Johnson, Faye McCallum &Robyn Nayda

Learning styles and the workplace
Funding body: NREC
Researchers: Michele Simons, Roger Harris, with CIT and Qld TAFE

Making the links: Education of boys project
Funding body: DETE
Researchers: Bruce Johnson

An investigation of constructivist classroom cultures in primary schools
Funding body: UniSA EASS Divisional Research Grant
Researchers: Rosie Le Cornu, Judy Peters with J. Collins (Open University)
The aims of the project are to investigate the ways in which teachers who are committed to a constructivist philosophy construct teaching and learning in primary classrooms. The research sites for the project are four classrooms in two South Australian schools that have been involved in the Learning to Learn Project, an innovative South Australian project aimed at developing curriculum policy for the future.



Past Projects

Lifelong learning and the democratic imagination: revisioning justice, freedom and community
Funding body: UniSA Divisional grant for support for development of a book
RResearchers: Peter Willis

Active schools research project
Funding body: ACHPER-Sport Consortium
Researchers: Bob Smith

Learning to learn
Funding body: DETE
Researchers: Bruce Johnson, Judy Peters, Rosie Le Cornu

A longitudinal study of resilient and non-resilient childrens self and life perceptions
Funding body: ARC Small Grant
Researchers: Bruce Johnson/S Howard/M Oswald

Competency standards for Marriage and Relationship Educators
Funding body: Commonwealth Government Department of Family and Community Services Grant
Researchers: Michele Simons, Roger Harris, A. Edwards & G. Edwards
The field of relationship education has undergone significant changes in the past ten years in terms of both the services that are provided and the diverse contexts in which educators now work. The study that underpinned the development of the revised competency standards and the users guide for educators captures these changes and provides organisations and educators with information and tools to assist them in a range of activities relating to employment, initial training and on-going professional development of educators.

Small enterprise workplace learning: Links with school vocational education
Funding body: National Research and Evaluation Committee Grant (with Enterprise Partnerships)
Researchers: J. Mulraney, P. Turner, F. Wyatt, Roger Harris & T. Gibson
This project explored the determinants for training in small enterprises and links with school-based workplace learning. It identified triggers that influence school - workplace vocational education in small enterprises. The determinants affecting the decision to train by small enterprises are critical to the establishment of workplace experience for the VET in Schools link to small enterprises. The sample was drawn from enterprises and schools in SA and NSW, and methods included focus groups, interviews and critical incident analysis.

The purpose, nature and utility of work placements in vocational education and training courses: Evidence from the cross-sectoral literature
Funding body: National Research and Evaluation Committee Grant
Researchers: E. Smith & Roger Harris
This study focussed on work placements in courses within the school, VET and university sectors. It involved study of relevant literature on placement research and practice, discussion with key figures in the three sectors, focus groups with VET teachers and telephone interviews with State and Territory authorities. The report contained discussion of critical issues in work placements, and analysis of assumptions in literature, current policies and practices, areas of difficulty, gaps in research and policy implications.

Programs for students in transition from primary to high school: Development and implementation of service workers
Funding body: NSW Dept of Community Services Grant
Researchers: Bruce Johnson & S. Howard

An investigation of the role of resiliency promoting factors: Preventing adverse life outcomes during adolescence
Funding body: Criminology Research Council Grant
Researchers: Bruce Johnson, S. Howard, M. Oswald

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