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CREEW Major Projects - Professional Development


Current Projects

Developing pedagogical maps: Creating strategies to engage vocational education and training professionals in new pedagogical practices
Funding body: HRISS Research & Development Grant
Researchers: Michele Simons & Roger Harris

Stakeholders perceptions of successful early career teaching in South Australian primary schools
Funding body: UniSA/DEASS
Researchers: Judy Peters &  Rosie Le Cornu
Data will be collected from teachers and principals in six 'Learning to Learn' primary schools.

Supporting VET providers in building capability for the future
Funding body: Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)
Researchers: A consortium including Roger Harris & Michele Simons from the University of South Australia, together with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)
The consortium will work together to build the workforce capability and professional standing of the VET workforce, focussing on three areas of workforce development that together build organisational capability: people, cultures and practices.


Recently Completed Projects

Resilient teachers: Resisting stress and burnout
Funding body: UniSA/DEASS
Researchers: Sue Howard & Bruce Johnson

Quality Teachers Project
Funding body: DETE (DETYA)
Researchers: Bruce Johnson & Bob Smith

Capacity building of relationship educators
Funding body: Marriage Educators' Association of Australia
Researcher: Michele Simons

Core competencies for asthma education
Funding body: AEA/NSW
Researcher: Michele Simons

A study of the nature and extent of the impact of changes to work in the VET sector on the role of VET professionals
Funding body: National Research and Evaluation Committee Grant (with Canberra Institute of Technology)
Researchers: Michele Simons, Roger Harris, & B Clayton (CIT)
VET teachers and trainers have been subject to unparalleled change recently. This project is exploring the ways in which changes to work in the VET sector over the past five years have impacted on the roles and attitudes of VET professionals. Methods include an extensive literature review, nine focus groups across five States and Territories, and 64 individual interviews with teachers and trainers in a selected number of registered training organisations.

Development of competency based standards and training, to an advanced level, for staff working with people who perpetrate domestic violence
Funding body: Commonwealth Government: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: Safety and Security Section, Office of the Status of Women
Researchers: M Simons/D Colley/R Harris/G Edwards/A Edwards
The project requires the conduct of research to inform the development of national competency standards to underpin training, to an advanced level, for people engaged in the provision of services for people who perpetrate domestic violence and an information booklet to facilitate the implementation of the competency standards to support the training of practitioners.



Past Projects

Development of national endorsed crime prevention competency standards
Funding body: Commonwealth Government: Attorney General's Dept
Researchers: Roger Harris, Michele Simons, F. Wyatt, D. Foreman, G. Edwards, J. Bone & A. Edwards
The project involves analysis of the work of crime prevention workers nationally, leading to the development of crime prevention competency standards for endorsement by ANTA and support materials to assist training delivery and assessment based on the competency standards. The methodology comprised five phases, each containing a number of parallel streams of activity. These phases employ approaches based upon iterative and evolving sets of data that will be confirmed, expanded and consolidated as the project develops. These approaches include wide consultations with stakeholders across the nation, focus groups and critical incident interviews in each State/Territory, development workshops, desktop synthesis, further consultations and writing up for presentation to and endorsement by ANTA.

Professional development needs in flexible delivery of contract and casual staff in the Australian VET sector
Funding body: NREC - National Research and Evaluation Committee
Researchers: Tom Stehlik, Michele Simons, Lyn Kerkham (LPLC), R. Pearce, J. Gronold (TAFE Queensland Centre for Innovation and Development)
The project is being funded by a grant from the National Research and Evaluation Committee and is an initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National Vocational Education and Training System 2000-2004. The Centre for Research in Education, Equity and Work at the University of South Australia in collaboration with TAFE Queensland has been awarded funding to investigate the changing roles and professional development needs of contract and casual teachers and trainers in the vocational education and training sector, particularly in the area of flexible delivery, including online learning. The research study will contribute to policy and practice in flexible delivery and online learning in the vocational education and training sector. The research methods include interviews in case study sites in South Australia and Queensland, and an online survey across several states.

Crime prevention curriculum development
Funding body: SA Government's Attorney-General's Department Crime Prevention Unit (with the Department of Education, Training and Employment, the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia and Catholic Education)
Researchers: G. Edwards, Roger Harris, L. Carr, M. Hudson, C. Mathews, M. O'Connell
This project involved an audit of the existing crime prevention curriculum and associated programs and materials in South Australia, the identification of opportunities for further development in crime prevention curriculum, the development of appropriate teacher professional development to guide the future delivery of the curriculum; and promotion of crime prevention curriculum within the education sector. Products developed include a database of existing crime prevention curriculum programs and specifications and examples of 'good practice'.

Improving the quality of staff VET provision: The role of staff development for teachers and trainers in VET providers
Funding body: National Research and Evaluation Committee Grant (with CSU and QTAFE)
Researchers: Roger Harris, Michele Simons, D. Snewin, D. Hill, E. Smith, J. Blakeley, R. Pearce & S. Choy
This study focussed on the changing role of staff development in public and private VET providers across Australia. It involved analysis of the link between current modes of employment and access to professional development, and the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches to professional development. Data were gathered from state authorities, a Delphi study of 56 key informants, a questionnaire survey of a national sample of approx. 300 registered training organisations, and 15 case studies.

Work-based learning: A study of professional development for SA Police
Funding body: ARC Collaborative Research Grant with SAPOL, and with an APA(I)
Researchers: Roger Harris, Michele Simons, A. Edwards, G. Edwards (CREEW), P. White, P. Shanahan (APAI)/SAPOL
This project explored the impact of a new professional development model for policing which recognises the workplace as an important learning environment. The situation of work-based learning in 1997 was portrayed, and then the change process was analysed over 1998 and 1999. Subjects were probationary constables, their team members, supervisors and field training officers, and research methods included focus groups, questionnaires, interviews and journals.

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