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The Applied Statistics Unit (ASU)

Applied Statistics UnitThe Applied Statistics Unit (ASU) was developed in 2002 in direct response to regional business and industry personnel requesting access to training and consultancy services in the specialist fields of data analysis, effective survey and sample techniques and data presentation skills. The ASU has provided research, analysis, and consultation services to businesses, corporations, universities and other education and training organisations, regional development boards, hospitals and health services and education.


What we do

Our Clients

These have included (apart from the above-mentioned):

Software Resources

The ASU has arguably, the most extensive suite of statistical software of any university campus in South Australia. Apart from the main commercial packages (SPSS, STATISTICA, STATA, SYSTAT), we have a large array of software that is designed for a particular application. All software consists of the most up-to-date versions. The ASU is in the continual process of developing new in-house software as needs arise. As a result we have the capacity to undertake almost every type of data analysis.

The Teaching-Research Associations

The activities of the ASU have allowed a new dimension to be introduced to the teaching environment. Students are exposed to the more real-world scenarios that are encountered in statistical analysis rather than the exposure to essentially fake data sets that are common in text books. An appreciation and realisation that data analysis is thinking rather than a mechanical process is thus emphasised and reinforced.

Director of the ASU

John Petkov D.Sc, B. App.Sc; M.Sc.

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