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Further study

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We would love to see you back again at UniSA. But before you start another qualification, consider: will further study take you further? Before you invest the time and money, make sure you think carefully about your reasons for wanting to study again and how you will benefit.

Good reasons to continue your studies include:

  • another qualification is necessary to achieve your career goal
  • a higher qualification will enable you to progress higher in your field
  • you thoroughly enjoy the subject you are studying
  • you intend to work in research, or become an academic
  • you have skills gaps to close before entering the workforce
  • you wish to gain advanced and detailed knowledge about a specific subject.

Employers vary in their views of the value of a postgraduate qualification. In many roles, a second degree is not essential, but the extra skills acquired through postgraduate study are appreciated.

Some employers don't place much importance on postgraduate degrees, and are more interested in relevant workplace experience. They would like to see how your qualification will be relevant in their organisation.

Tip: Before committing to further study, it's worth investigating how your potential employers view Honours and postgraduate qualifications.

If you’d like some advice as you think through further study, you can come and talk to a Career Adviser or Learning Adviser by contacting Campus Central.