Writing your thesis

Writing is a skill you can develop - and continue to develop, even at the graduate level and beyond. To do this you have to be prepared to put the time into learning and practising the conventions of writing.

Manalo, E and J Trafford 2004, Thinking to thesis, Pearson Longman, NZ, p5.


Thesis and exegesis writing and publishing for social sciences, humanities and business

The series of web resources linked to below is designed to support students working in business, the social sciences and humanities. The resources can be used by students attending the face to face RESA thesis and exegesis writing and publishing series of workshops and students who cannot attend these workshops on campus.

The Thesis and exegesis writing and publishing web resources include information on the following topics:

Thesis writing for health sciences

General writing resources

  • Word for thesis writing online workshop - provides advice on working with Word templates, compiling your thesis and exegesis (chapter by chapter), doing a table of contents, and printing the thesis. A range of links to different disciplinary templates are provided which should be used from the first day of writing to save time.
  • Academic integrity for students - explains what academic integrity is and why it is important, addresses academic misconduct in the form of plagiarism, and suggests how unintentional plagiarism can be avoided.
  • William Strunk, 'Elements of Style' - summarises the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated.