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Facilities and parking

The University is committed to ensuring that all new facilities meet the highest level of access standards. The University will endeavour to respond to access problems with existing facilities and barriers identified by campus users.  Anyone who is having difficulty or concern regarding their access to campus facilities should contact the Campus Facilities Coordinator or students may wish to contact the Disability Adviser on their campus in the first instance.


Transport to and from campus is not provided by the University. Students with mobility disabilities may be eligible for travel support through the South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme. For new students, the University has instructions on How to get to our campuses.

Getting Around Campus

Campus Maps and Access Maps are available to assist people with navigating around each campus. The Access Maps provide detailed information such as access car parks, entry and exit points to the campus and buildings, thoroughfares, hearing loops, access parking and access toilet facilities and security call points.

To know where specific rooms are on campus check out the Building Floor Plans.  You can select the campus, building and floor level.

The Disability Services has two electric wheelchairs available for use by students with mobility difficulties on campus.

Lecture Theatre Access

Most lecture theatres and teaching spaces provide facilities such as wheelchair spaces, and many have wheelchair access points at the front and rear of room. Hearing loops are available on campus in some theatres to assist students using hearing aids. The University has also introduced a lecture recording system in some of the larger lecture theatres on each campus to facilitate access to lecture material. Anyone with specific access requirements should investigate access to the various rooms as soon as possible. Students who experience any access difficulties should contact a Disability Adviser on that campus as soon as possible. The Disability Service may assist by providing equipment such as ergonomic seating, desks and FM transmitters where required.

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