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Access Plans

An Access Plan provides information about the impact of a students disability, mental health or medical condition on their studies, identifies agreed services that will be provided by Disability Services and any alternative exam adjustments. The Access Plan helps students to negotiate reasonable adjustments with University staff so they can study successfully at UniSA.


Student's disability or medical information remains their private information. Only information students choose to release within the University goes into their Access Plan. By providing information to staff about the impact of their disability at university, it can help staff in assisting student's with their studies.

No information about a student's disability, mental health or medical condition is passed outside the University without a student's consent.

Information about how the Access Plan is developed and what it is used for is provided below. To arrange an Access Plan students should contact the Learning and Teaching Unit Disability Service.

Access Plan Information Sheet (PDF Opens in a new window)

An Access Plan is used to:


An Access Plan is based on:


Who gets to see the Access Plan?




Updating an Access Plan

An Access Plan can be updated at any time. This may be necessary due to changes in the impact of the disability.  If a student's condition is fluctuating or temporary, the Access Plan will have an expiry date and will need to be updated.  Students who are seeking to make changes to alternative exam arrangements need to update their Access Plan at least 4 weeks prior to the exam period commencing.  

To update an Access Plan students should contact a Disability Adviser on their campus.  Students may need to provide updated Treating Practitioner documentation.  The Disability Adviser will be able to advise if this is necessary.

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