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If your disability, mental health or medical condition impacts on you undertaking exams you may be eligible for services and adjustments to ensure you are assessed in a fair and equitable manner. Exam adjustments are based on individual needs and aim to minimise the impact of disability on your performance, whilst maintaining the academic requirements of your course. Most alternative exam arrangements can be approved by the Disability Service, however some types of arrangements must be approved by Course Coordinators.  See the Policy for Students with Disabilities for details.

Disability Service staff liaise with the Exams Office to ensure that any exam adjustments documented in your Access Plan are implemented for the duration specified on the Access Plan. 

The arrangements that are agreed upon can be temporary or can be in effect for the duration of your study, depending on whether the disability is temporary, fluctuating or permanent. You must bring your Access Plan to your examination. Please note that these arrangements only apply to exams administered by the Exams Office at the end of each study period. Adjustments to any other assessment administered within courses needs to be negotiated with the relevant Course Coordinator.

Exam services and adjustments

Exam services and adjustments may include:

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