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Legislation and Policy

The University of South Australia is committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in Higher Education.

The major legislative and policy documents that relate to University students with disabilities are the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards in Education (2005).

Disability Discrimination Act

Under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 'disability' includes:

It is against the law for a university to discriminate against a student because of their disability. Universities must not:

The Act makes it illegal to harass or victimise a person with disability. Universities must also make changes to courses to reasonably accommodate the needs of a student with disability. These are called 'reasonable adjustments'.  


Disability Standards for Education

The Disability Standards for Education (2005) gives guidance on how reasonable adjustments are made.

This includes making sure curriculum requirements, study materials and assessments are accessible, courses are flexible and alternatives are offered where a student is unable to complete a particular activity because of their disability.

As part of the University's role to make reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities, they take into consideration the inherent academic requirements of each course.  


External Acts and Policies


Internal Policies and Links

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