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Disability Services information for staff

UniSA has a commitment to providing an accessible learning environment for students with disabilities which is detailed in policy. All staff play a role in creating an accessible university environment.

Student stories

This an area of responsibility where staff have legal obligations. Australian Human Rights Commission.

 Information for staff with disabilities is located in the Human Resources website.

Inclusive teaching practices

Inclusive teaching practices are a proactive way of meeting the needs of a diverse student population.  There is a range of resources available to help staff develop inclusive teaching practices linked at the bottom of this page.  Creating Accessible Teaching Support (CATS) is an important Australian teaching resources for academic staff.

Awareness of disability access issues in the use of microphones, overheads, projectors, print materials and online materials in class are key issues. Class processes such as group work, field trips, practicals and assessment tasks should also be conducted with disability access in mind.


Accommodating students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may require individual arrangements to ensure that they have fair access to the teaching and learning environment and processes within your course. A useful strategy is to invite your class to privately discuss any individual requirements they have at the beginning of the study period. UniSA students requiring accommodation or services should have an Access Plan provided by the Disability Service. This plan will assist you in working out any individual adjustments required by the student. These can include activities such as:


Access Plan process

The UniSA Disability Service administers a documentary process for providing services to students with disabilities. Services are directed toward minimising the impact of the student’s disabilities on their access to the teaching and learning environment. The process results in the development of an Access Plan for the student. The Access Plan documents services to be provided and is a mechanism for students who need to alert staff regarding the impact of their disability, mental health or medical conditions. It is important to note that students use the Access Plan independently to inform staff regarding their disability where required unless assistance is needed.


Referral of students to Disability Services

The Learning and Teaching Unit Disability Service provides a range of services to students with disabilities. Services can include equipment loan, interpreting and notetaking services. Disability service staff can also provide advice and assistance to University staff in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. The services are provided on the basis of the student's individual access requirements. Services are available on each campus by contacting a Disability Adviser at the Learning and Teaching Unit.  Referrals can also be made using the LTU E-Referral process.


Legislative Responsibilities

Australian universities must comply with the Disability Standards for Education(2005).  The standards clarify obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act(2003) and help guide practices in the university setting.

If you would like training in applying the standards at UniSA or would like more  information about supporting students please email the Disability Service disability@unisa.edu.au.


Other Resources

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