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Studying at UniSA with a learning disability

The University of South Australia (UniSA) has hundreds of successful students with Specific Learning Disabilities studying across a range of subject areas. For many students negotiating an Access Plan with Disability Services can make an important contribution to their success.

Students are encouraged to contact a Disability Adviser at the Learning and Teaching Unit on their campus to discuss services and negotiate an Access Plan.

Disability Services and Eligibility

Disability services are provided by the Learning and Teaching Unit Disability Services. The Disability Service has a Disability Adviser on each metropolitan campus that can meet with you and discuss options to support your study.  To be eligible for specific services such as exam adjustments or equipment loan, you will need to have an assessment report completed by an Educational Psychologist.

Services Available

Some services that may support students with a Learning Disability are listed below. A full summary of services available for students with a disability is available from the Services for Students web page.


You may be able to borrow a voice recorder for lectures and tutorials. You should discuss your equipment requirements with a Disability Adviser at the Learning and Teaching Unit on your campus.

Adaptive Technology Suite (ATS)

There is an Adaptive Technology Suite on each metropolitan campus in the library. Each ATS has:

To access the ATS, students need to negotiate this as part of their Access Plan.  The Read & Write Gold software can also be accessed from some of the computer pools.  To find where you can access them go to Software and Hardware Search and type in "Read & Write Gold 9".


The University can make alternative exam arrangements for students with a learning disability. Alternative exam arrangements can be negotiated with Disability Services and will be based on information provided in an Educational Psychologist's report. For more information go to the Exams web page.

Learning Advice

The Learning & Teaching Unit has Learning Advisers based on each metropolitan campus. You can book an appointment with a Language and Learning Adviser to get assistance developing study skills such as:

The Language and Learning Advice team has developed a range of online resources to support students with their reading and writing.


Study Strategies

Working out strategies which work for you is an important part of being a successful student. Some useful study strategies include:





In Class

Talking with academic staff

It is important to meet with your lecturers to discuss your individual needs. The To tell or not to tell website has information about whether, when and how to discuss your disability with staff. A Disability Adviser can develop an Access Plan for you, which will provide information to assist you with your discussion and negotiation with academic staff. Plan your meeting with academic staff by:

Check out the Negotiating Extension web page for more tips on talking with academic staff about study adjustments.

Issues commonly discussed in a meeting with staff include:

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