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The main academic committee in the Division is the Division Board, a sub-committee of the Academic Board. The Division Board oversees the Division’s academic activities and advises the Pro-Vice-Chancellor on their management and development. The Division Board is supported by its own sub-committees and by other governance groups in the Division. The school boards report to the Division Board on the academic activities of their schools.

The following links provide information about the terms of reference, composition and (in some cases) minutes of committees and other bodies in the Division.

Division Academic Program Approval Committee
Academic Promotions Committees
Division Advisory Committees
Division Appeals Committee
Division Board
Division Executive
Division Human Research Ethics Committee
Division Marketing Committee
School Marketing Committees
Division Occupational Health and Safety at Work Group
Professional Experience Program Committee
Research Committee
Research Degrees Committee
School Boards
Teaching and Learning Committee
School Teaching and Learning Committees
Division Website Committee