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Student Testimonials

Languages and Culture Studies Student

Cassie Francis

Associate Degree in Languages and Culture Studies

ďIím Cassie Francis, Iím studying the Associate Degree of Languages and Culture at UniSA.

I think itís a good program because you get to choose a language that youíd like to do, and you can do it concurrently with another degree. I chose to do it with an Education degree, so that way I can teach the language as well.

The associate degree, you do it over a four year period, and itís run alongside another degree. The first half of the course is about learning the language, so youíll learn how to speak and how to converse in the target language. You also do a lot about culture, so you might look at music or arts or food and culture in general. Then thereís also choices towards the end, you can do an individual study or a private study. Iím choosing to do Teaching Languages as a focus towards the end.

UniSA is fantastic. Thereís lots of different staff here, so you get that change each semester, you find someone new with a different teaching style. Theyíre very friendly and helpful, thatís what Iíve found most of all, theyíre helpful. So, if you go to their office and ask them to help you out with an assignment or just have questions about the course, theyíre very welcoming.

Magillís great, because itís very green, it has a creek running through the middle.

When I graduate, I plan to apply for jobs in Education, and because Iíve got the Associate Degree in Languages and Culture, I can apply for a language teaching position, and that will be easier to get because there is a shortage of language teachers.

Iím Cassie Francis, Iím studying the Associate Degree of Languages and Culture at UniSA.Ē