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Catholic Studies at UniSA

Catholic Studies is a set of courses which are available to students in UniSA undergraduate and Postgraduate Education programs. There are four courses which explore contemporary Catholic understandings in Scripture, Theology, Religious Education and Catholic Education.

You do not need to be Catholic to study these courses and there is no prior knowledge assumed to the courses as a whole. Individual courses do however assume the knowledge from the previous courses in the sequence. Therefore it is highly recommended that the courses are studied in the sequence order.


Catholic Studies Courses
EDUC 1069 - Catholic Studies 1: Scripture (Undergraduate)
EDUC 5149 - Catholic Studies 1: Scripture M (Postgraduate)
These courses introduce the bible as a theological narrative. They explore the historical, social and cultural world of selected texts in the First and Second Testament and make use of various methods in critical biblical scholarship. There is recognition of the way in which the interpreters own reality shapes their understanding of the text and the implications of this for contemporary use of scripture.

EDUC2049 - Catholic Studies 2: Theology (Undergraduate)
EDUC 5150 - Catholic Studies 2: Theology M (Postgraduate)
These courses explore the nature and process of theology in the Catholic tradition through various topics such as the centrality of human experience in the study of theology, revelation and faith, the nature of God, and a Christian understanding of what it means to be human. They are centred on studying the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of faith, along with topics such as the nature and mission of Church, sacraments and sacramentality, social justice and ethics, and the person of Mary.

EDUC 3035 - Catholic Studies 3: Religious Education (Undergraduate)
EDUC 5151 - Catholic Studies 3: Religious Education M (Postgraduate)  
These courses explore the role and purpose of Catholic schools in the education of children and young people within the contemporary Australian context. The key focus of these courses will be to examine and utilise the foundational elements of curriculum design in Religious Education. Students will design a unit of work utilising the Religious Education Framework for SA Catholic Schools and implementing contemporary teaching and learning strategies and resources that will have been introduced in the course.

EDUC 3020 - Catholic Studies 4: Contemporary Catholic Schools (Undergraduate only)
This course explores the broader religious dimension of the Catholic School through an exploration of social justice, prayer and ritual, liturgy, family, parish and school partnerships, family life education and contemporary resources for Religious Education.
This course is open to students who are completing the full Catholic Studies sequence. Students enrolled in this course will do Professional Experience 4 in a Catholic school setting.

Other Religion Courses
The Catholic Studies courses can be complemented with Religion Studies courses for those students wishing to broaden their studies in the area of religion.