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Thinking of Studying Education?

As Program Administrators for the school of education we get a lot of enquires from prospective students about our programs and how to gain entry.  With this Frequently Asked Questions page we hope to be able to answer some of your more common and basic questions, which should enable most people to get the information they need quickly.


 NOTE: The following FAQs provide information about options; a recommendation that you undertake a particular program does not mean that entry to that program is guaranteed.

Once you have decided that a particular pathway attracts you, you will need to examine the entry requirements for the program(s) to determine whether you are eligible.

Read the Home Page of the program(s) for details.

Read the enrolment and application information for students on the University of South Australia website.

If you have further questions, please see our contacts page



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What is the most important thing I should think about before becoming a professional educator/teacher/carer?

I'm interested in becoming a teacher but I haven't done a University degree before. What kinds of programs are available to me through UniSA?

I have completed a degree previously and now want to become a teacher. What are my options?

What are the entry requirements?

How do I apply?

I have started a degree at university but I am not enjoying it and would like to begin a teaching degree instead. What are my options?

What kinds of Credit or Recognised Prior Learning might I be eligible for?

Can any education programs be taken part time?

Can Education programs be undertaken by external studies (distance education)?

How many contact hours are there a week?

What kind of employment opportunities are there once I graduate?

I have an education degree from an overseas University; how do I choose a program?

I will want to travel after completing my degree - will my qualifications be recognised interstate and internationally?

I have a 3 year teaching qualification (BEd or Dip T) and at least a years experience of working as an educatorhow do I upgrade to a 4 year BEd or its equivalent?

Ive been teaching/lecturing/training for a few years nowI have entry point qualifications and I want to prepare myself for leadership positions.

I have a Master of Education by CourseworkId like to complete a doctorate but Ive not got any research experience

I have a Masters Degree by Research OR a Masters Degree by Coursework with courses totalling at least 18 points on research methods what could I do next?

I want to do a Mastersshould I do one by course work or research?

What will be better for mea professional doctorate (EdD) or a PhD?