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So you want to be a Health and Physical Education (H/PE) teacher?

Pathways to becoming a H/PE teacher:

  1. Enrol in a Bachelor of Education of your choice, dependant on which level of schooling you want to teach, and study a suite of general study courses specifically designed for H/PE teaching. You would complete a minor in H/PE, that is 4 courses in H/PE.
    You can choose from the following Bachelor of Education degrees:
         - Bachelor of Education (junior primary/primary) prepares you to teach from reception to year 7
         - Bachelor of Education (primary/middle) prepares you to teach from year 3 - 10

  2. Complete a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies) as an undergraduate student and then apply for the Masters of Teaching. The Masters of Teaching is offered in 3 levels of schooling:
                - junior primary/primary - prepares you to teach from reception to year 7
                - primary/middle - prepares you to teach from year 3 - 10
                - middle/secondary - prepares you to teach from year 6 - 12

Important points to know

  1. Refer to the relevant program home pages for further information.

  2. The general study courses for the undergraduate programs must be selected from the approved list of H/PE courses offered through the School of Education and studied in the suggested sequence.

  3. Check eligibility and entry requirements. For example, in order to be eligible for the Masters of Teaching (middle/secondary) program, students must have completed a three-year degree from a recognised higher education institution, or equivalent. In addition, students must meet the prerequisites for the major (and where appropriate minor) Learning Area (teaching subject) in which they intend to specialise. In all cases this will be a major (minimum of six semesters or equivalent) or minor (minimum of two semesters or equivalent) in a subject area relevant to the Learning Area.

  4. Entry to all programs is competitive.