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LPLC: The Schooling Australia Project


This page provides information and downloads for publications connected with the Schooling Australia project and links to history of education sources.


Project publications

Project publications are listed here by year of publication with a short abstract to indicate how each relates to the project. Where copyright is held by the authors, or permission has been obtained, the publication is available to download as an Acrobat PDF file.
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Cormack, Phil & Green, Bill, (2000),(Re) Reading the Historical Record: Curriculum History and the Linguistic Turn, Paper to presented in the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Curriculum History, New Orleans, USA, April 23-24, 2000.
Abstract (PDF 35kb) Full Text (PDF 305kb)

Cormack, P., Grant, P., & Kerin, R. (2000, 4-7 December). English Curriculum and Citizenship in South Australia from the 1920s to the 1950s. Paper presented at the symposium � �Researching English Teaching and Curriculum History: Looking Back, Looking Forward?� Australian Association for Research in Educational Annual Conference, Sydney.
Abstract (PDF 24kb) Full Text (PDF 636kb)

Green, Bill, Cormack, Phil & Reid, Jo-Anne. (2000). "Putting our Past to Work ...", English in Australia, No 127-128, pp 111-117.
Full Text (PDF 244kb)


Cormack, Phil, 2001 Schooling adolescence: The student subject of post-primary education in early twentieth century South Australia, Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education 2001 Conference, 2 to 6 December, Fremantle WA.
Abstract (PDF 22kb) Full Text (PDF 254kb)

Cormack, Phil (2001). "Subject to Reading: Historical Takes on Reading as a Technology", Opinion, Vol 45, No 2, pp 20-26.
Abstract (PDF 23kb) Full Text (PDF 231kb)

Cormack, Phil (2001) Forming the English subject in early twentieth century South Australia. Australian Curriculum Studies Association Biennial Conference, Canberra, ACT.
Abstract (PDF 23kb) Full Text (PDF 347kb)

Green, B. & Reid, J. 2001, Historicising the 'Methods' debate: Reading Pedagogy and Primary English Teaching in Australia., British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds, September 13-15.
Abstract (PDF 24kb) Full Text (PDF 388kb) (Note: this publication has been hyperlinked to other resources on this site)

Reid, J. 2001, Reconstructing Practice: Possible or impossible? Invited paper presented to the Australian Association for the teaching of English and the Australian Literacy Educators� Association joint national conference, Hobart, July.


Cormack, Phil (2002) The Subject of English: Constructing a New Child in the Discourses of 'New Education' in the Early Twentieth Century, American Educational Research Association 2002 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Abstract (PDF 23kb) Full Text (PDF 318kb)

Green, B. & Reid, J. 2002, Constructing the Teacher and Schooling the Nation, History of Education Review, Vol. 31, No. 2. pp.30-44.


Cormack, P. 2003, 'Imagining the national subject: English and the post-primary school child in early twentieth-century South Australia', in B. Doecke, D. Homer and H. Nixon (Eds), English Teachers at Work: Narratives, Counter-narratives & Arguments, AATE/Interface & Wakefield Press.
Full Text (PDF 206kb)

Cormack, P., Grant, P., Kerin, R., $ Green, B. 2003, �Filling in a Historical Gap: Post-Primary English Curriculum in South Australia � from the 1920s to the 1950s�. Paper prepared for the �Curriculum History� special issue of English in Australia (2003) Autumn, No.136.pp. 67-79.
Full Text (PDF 364kb)

Green, B. 2003, '(Un)changing English � past, present, future?', in B. Doecke, D. Homer and H. Nixon (Eds), English Teachers at Work: Narratives, Counter-narratives & Arguments, AATE/Interface & Wakefield Press.
Full Text (PDF 144kb)

Green, B. 2003, 'Curriculum Inquiry in Australia: Towards a Local Genealogy of the Curriculum Field'. In William F. Pinar (ed), International Handbook of Curriculum Research, Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Green, Bill (2003) �Curriculum, Public Education and the National Imaginary: Re-Schooling Australia?�. In Alan Reid and Pat Thomson (eds) Rethinking public education: A Conversation, Flaxton, Qld. Post Pressed.

Reid, J. & Green, B. 2004, Displacing Method(s)? 'Historical Perspective in the Teaching of Reading', Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, February, Vol.27, Issue 1, pp.12-26.
Abstract (PDF 23kb) Full Text (PDF 140kb)

Reid, J. & Martin, S. 2003 "Speak softly, be tactful, and assist cheerfully�: Women beginning teaching in 1930s NSW' in Change: Transformations in Education, Vol.6., No. 1., May 2003, pp.48-69.
Abstract (PDF 23kb) Full Text (PDF 174kb)

Cormack, Phillip 2003 Adolescence, Schooling and English/Literacy: Formations of a Problem in Early Twentieth Century South Australia, PhD in Education Thesis.
Table of Contents and Summary (PDF 178kb)
Introduction (PDF 1.17Mb)
Chapter 2 (PDF 383kb)
Chapters 3 & 4 (PDF 482kb)
Chapters 5 & 6 (PDF 3.67Mb)
Chapter 7 (PDF 3.71Mb)
Chapter 8 (PDF 3.10Mb)
Chapters 9 & 10 (PDF 428kb)
References (PDF 142kb)
Appendices (PDF 6.46Mb)