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Entry requirements

 This is a broad overview of the entry requirements for various levels of programs within the University of South Australia. Check the program home page for specific requirements.

Note: matching the entry requirements does not equate to the automatic offer of a place in a program or enrolment - applying and enrolment are quite specific processes

For information about applying for programs go to the home page of that program.


If the information below tells you that you will need to contact the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre please find further information at their website: SATAC

All other applications are direct to the University of South Australia




Overview of Pre-requisites
Undergraduate Admissions are determined by SATAC and are based upon:

School leaver TER score
Mature Age student Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

Masters Completion of requirements for at least one degree is essential.
Applicants have to apply through SATAC
Positions are competitive with results from previous degree(s) being used to determine merit.
Graduate Certificate A three year Dip T or degree or four year BEd, or four years of successful academic study which includes a teaching qualification.
Masters by Coursework A four year BEd, or four years of successful academic study, which includes an education qualification.
Relevant professional experience and academic merit will be taken into account.
Masters by research An appropriate Masters degree, or
An honours degree, or
A bachelors degree with some preliminary honours work, or
A professional history which includes research and/or activities which demonstrate the capacity to undertake such a program.

Note: probationary candidature can be approved for someone whose paper qualifications do not match the standards indicated.

Note also: at least 18 units at Masters level in research methods and projects would be useful if you have no Honours degree.
Doctorate (PhD)
Doctorate (EdD)
Holding or being eligible to hold from an approved higher education institution an award which is assessed by this University as being equivalent to:

(a) an honours degree or a bachelors degree with honours of at least class 2A standard; or
(b) an appropriate masters degree; or
(c) holding such other qualifications as are acceptable to the Research Degrees Committeein such cases the applicant must satisfy the Committee of fitness to undertake advanced work on the basis of the standard of achievement in, and the relevance of, previous higher education studies, and professional experience or published research work.

Note: the EdD has an extra requirement that candidates have at least 5 years experience within the field of education.