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Levels of programs

Entry point professional qualifications are provided as:

Undergraduate degrees for school leavers and mature age students


Masters Degrees for previous graduates with no education qualification

They both prepare students to:




Graduate Certificates allow you to add an extra dimension to your under-graduate degree, and prepare yourself for further post-graduate study.

They can be completed in six months of full time study or one year part time; you complete courses totalling 18 points in the pattern described for each Certificate.

Depending on the choices of courses you are making, it is possible to negotiate credit for up to 18 points in the MEd Coursework.

Masters of Education by coursework is a program which can be completed in a year of full-time study or two years part-time. It entails completing courses totalling 36 points in the pattern specified for each award.

Relevant courses from a Graduate Certificate up to the maximum of 18 points may be credited towards a Masters by Coursework, by negotiation with the Program Coordinator.

A masters by coursework can be an end in itself or can open the door to further study in later years.

If you hope to go on to a doctorate you are advised to choose course(s) totalling 18 points on research methods and knowledge generation as that (a) enhances your readiness for a research degree and (b) increases your chances of meeting the entry requirements for either doctorate.


Masters of Education by research enables you to undertake a substantial and independent research project under expert academic supervision.

This program usually demands two years full-time, or four yeas part time.

Eligible students who display the capacity to work at doctoral level will be encouraged to upgrade from masters to doctoral level studies in their first year of study.


Professional Doctorate (EdD) allows you to combine four courses which induct you into the role(s) of researcher with substantial, original research projects under expert academic supervision.

The program is designed for senior practitioners within education, and supports you to improve professional practice by extending your capacity to generate, critique and utilise knowledge about contemporary issues in your workplace.

You are expected to complete a professional doctorate in three years full time or six years part time.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research-only program.

A PhD program enables you to undertake substantial, original research which is conducted under expert academic supervision and recognised as a significant contribution to knowledge.

Entry to the PhD demands prior experience with and knowledge about research processes and methods which is then enhanced by a series of seminars in research methods provided by the University and the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences.

You are expected to complete a doctorate in four years full time or eight years part time.