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Professional Experience (previously called practicum)

All Undergraduate and Graduate Entry Education programs undertake Professional Experience in a wide variety of care and school settings including in rural and remote locations.

Principles for Professional Experience at UniSA


The following principles have been developed by the School of Education at UniSA to provide a framework for preservice education across the School.  The principles reflect the strong commitment the School has to preservice education and all Preservice Teachers by working closely with its partners to provide developmental learning experiences within a range of diverse settings.  The principles also support Preservice Teachers to develop their personal professional philosophy of learning and teaching.  The personal and life long learning experiences of Preservice Teachers is acknowledged and valued, and they are encouraged to reflect and articulate their values and beliefs in order to challenge their assumptions about individual and socio-cultural differences.





What's it all about?

The professional experience undertaken during your studies will enable the Preservice Teacher, to engage in the process of learning to teach. The emphasis will be on orientation towards the teaching profession, working in a whole site setting with an understanding of the community context, and developing knowledge of teachers’ roles. You will be expected to demonstrate the necessary interest, personal qualities and the attitudes of a person who expects to enter the teaching profession. To start with you will not be expected to have highly developed skills, but rather we expect you to develop an increased understanding and demonstrate progress in skill development and confidence as you move through your program.

The objectives at the First Year level are that the Presevice Teacher will be able to:


As Professional Experiences progress you will be required to become more involved with all aspects of teaching such as preparing materials in order to effectively teach, addressing student needs such as how individuals best learn, behavior management techniques and extra curricular activities with sites for example staff meetings and curriculum planning meetings..

Significance of the Teacher Registration Board’s Professional Teaching Standards to Professional Experience in Teacher Education Courses

As a preservice teacher in the School of Education at the University of South Australia you will develop skills and attributes throughout your professional experience courses which align with the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia’s Professional Teachers Standards. The Teachers Registration Board is a regulatory body. The Board has identified standards developed by teachers for entry into the teaching profession and it is necessary for preservice teachers to demonstrate competence in the identified areas of Professional Knowledge, Professional Relationships and Professional Practice. Our role as educators in the School of Education is to support the development of skills and practice to enable successful completion of Professional Experience courses and entry into the teaching profession.

It is important to remember that:
As Preservice Teachers, you are invited guests of the professional experience site and you are expected to behave accordingly. The impression that you make on staff in regard to your commitment, willingness to learn, initiative and cooperativeness, will impact on your report and in no small measure, determine whether the site will continue to accept Preservice Teachers in the future.

 We trust you enjoy the learning and teaching throughout your Professional Experience courses.