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Associate Professor Stephen Boyle, PhD

School of Management

PhD (Economics), Macquarie University | Master of Business Administration, UniSA | Graduate Diploma in Management (Arts), UniSA | Bachelor of Music (Performance) Honours, University of Adelaide | I’ve worked as a professional musician, manager of musicians and artists, and teacher of musicians, music management, arts management and management

‘If students want content they can read a book, but if they want to learn and understand, then that’s where I come in. As a teacher, you have to give them a reason for coming to lectures, to add value to what they’ve already got access to.

As a professional musician I’ve worked with a lot of international artists and many would do the same show every night and they might do it for years. But for that one night they would focus and create a magical situation between them and the audience. And that audience would think, wow, this is just done for us, and think to themselves that they really did make a connection with that particular artist that night.

And that’s what I do when I teach. When I walk into that lecture theatre, I want to engage with that audience. I want to take them on a journey of discovery, of knowledge and I want to engage with that audience - those students - so that we work together and they leave having learnt something.

I see my job as making sure that we can create an environment where everyone can perform to their best ability.’

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