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Magill campus access map

Below is an interactive access map for the Magill campus of UniSA. A text version of this site is available if you are using a screen reader.

This map is designed for students to view campus accessibility online. The map includes descriptions and photos of the following: access carparks, pathways, ramps, lifts, access toilets, and other facilities.

To use the map, move your mouse to highlight a building show all buildings  or access area, Show all parking access areas then click or enter to see pictures and a description of that area. Alternatively, you can use the tab key and enter to select an area of the map.

Once you have opened the information for a building or access area, each of the photos can be viewed as a larger image by scrolling over them. Alternatively, if you select a photo, it opens in a new window and you can print it.

You return to the large view of the map by clicking anywhere on the map.

Printable version (PDF 191kb - download Adobe Acrobat)

Magill campus access map