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City East campus access and way finding information


Adaptive Technology Suite

Brookman Building - Level 4 B4-15



Reid Building (CE7) - 2 parking spaces located on right hand side of building (UniSA Permit required)

Bonython Jubilee Building - 6 parking spaces located behind Bonython Jubilee Building (UniSA Permit required)


Entry and Exit Points to campus

North Terrace - Access Ramp on laneway between UniSA and University of Adelaide. Left hand side facing Brookman Building and closest to Brookman and Centenary Buildings

Gate 2, Frome Road - Opposite RAH, Margaret Graham Building and closest to Building A and Basil Hetzel Building

Gate 4, Frome Road - Opposite IMVS and closest to Playford and Bonython Jubilee Buildings

Gate 5, Frome Road - Opposite RAH, Dental Hospital and closest to Bonython Jubilee Building

Reid Building, Frome Road - Opposite University of Adelaide and closest to parklands on corner of Victoria Drive


Entry and Exit Points to buildings

Basil Hetzel Building - Main Entry via ramp located on Frome Road (Eastern Entrance near Gate 2) and or Western Entrance for Level 2 (opposite Playford Building)

Bonython Jubilee Building - Main Entry for Level 1(ground level) located in laneway opposite Playford Building. All entry point for upper floors via building links in Playford Building

Brookman Building - (Main Building) - Entry via links from Centenary Building for all levels to main building including Brookman Hall

Brookman Building - (Library) - Entry via Northern entrance between Centenary Building and Building A

Centenary Building - Entry via Eastern entrance and Northern entrance (opposite Playford Building)

Building A - Level 2 via Frome Road (Eastern entrance), Level 3 (Western entrance) opposite Centenary Building

Playford Building - Entry via Level 3 Playford Building opposite Centenary Building

Reid Building - Entry via Frome Road using pathway directly across from University of Adelaide that proceeds to ramp


Ground floor entrances to each building

Brookman Building - Library entrance - Level 3

Centenary Building - Level 3

Playford Building - Level 3 (eastern entrance)

Playford Building - Level 1 (northern entrance) NB: Only level 1 access. No lift access due to upgrade Dec 07 – May 08

Bonython Jubilee Building - Level 1 (eastern and northern entrances)

Basil Hetzel Building - Level 2

Reid Building - Level 1


Hearing Loops - lecture theatres

Basil Hetzel Building  - Level 2 H2-02

Centenary Building - Level 3 C3-16

Playford Building - Level 3 P3-20

Playford Building - Campus Central Level 3 P3-09


to other buildings

Brookman to Centenary - Level 4

Brookman to Centenary - Level 5

Brookman to Centenary - Level 6

Centenary to Playford - Level 3

Centenary to Playford - Level 4

Centenary to Playford - Level 5

Playford to Bonython Jubilee - Level 2

Playford to Bonython Jubilee - Level 3

Playford to Basil Hetzel Building - Level 3

Playford to Basil Hetzel Building  - Level 4


Facilities and services

Learning & Teaching Unit - Playford Building Level 2 P2-40

Campus Central - Playford Building Level 3 P3-09

Security Office - Centenary Building Level 3 C3-08

UniLife - Centenary Building Level 2 C2-24

UniLife (Head Office) - Playford Building Level 4 P4-27

MulitiAccess Suite - Brookman Building B4-10

Library - Brookman Building



Priority access computers

Playford Building P3-18 Workstation number P318-21

Playford Building P3-19 Workstation number P319-21

Playford Building P3-21 Workstation number P321-21

Playford Building P3-33 Workstation number P333-21

Playford Building P3-34 Workstation number P334-21

Playford Building P3-35 (Barn) Workstation number P335-10

Playford Building P3-38 (Barn) Workstation number P338-22,37

Brookman Building (Library) B3-30 Workstation number B330-01,18

Brookman Building (Library) B3-37 Workstation number B337-01,04

Brookman Building (Library) C4-07 (Library Training) Workstation number C407-01

Centenary Building C3 foyer Workstation number CEWU-17

Campus Central at Campus Central Workstation number CEWU-10


Security call points


Toilet facilities

Centenary Building - Level 3, Unisex C3-17 (Fully compliant to current standard)

Centenary Building - Level 4, Unisex C4-11

Centenary Building - Level 5, Unisex C5-19

Centenary Building - Level 6, Unisex C6-22

Reid Building - Level 0, Male R0-15 (Not compliant to current standard)

Reid Building - Level 1, Female R1-02 (Not compliant to current standard)

Playford Building - Level 2, Unisex P2-55 (Compliant)

Playford Building - Level 3, Female P3-07 (Not compliant to current standard)

Playford Building - Level 5, Male P5-58 (Not compliant to current standard)

Playford Building - Level 6, Unisex P6-06 (Includes shower facility)