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Hawke Building H

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Security call points Security Call Points
H2 Foyer
H2 Alan Scott
H2 Near lift
H3 Civic Gallery
H3 Near Stairwell
H3 Samstag Office
H3 Near lift
H4 Foyer South
H4 Foyer North
H4 outside on terrace
H4 Near lift
H5 Outside
H5 to RR
H5 Foyer North
H5 Foyer South
H5 Near Lift
H6 Foyer North
H6 Foyer

H2 02
H2 02
H2 15
H2 15
H5 15
H5 15
H6 06
H6 06

Building LinksBuilding Links
H5 Link to RR
H5 Link to BH
H5 Link to K