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Space Management

Space Utilisation Audits

UniSA has conducted physical audits of the teaching and meeting spaces on its metropolitan campuses since 2006. The audit results are used to inform ongoing capital works programs, including the need for additional or modified general teaching and meeting spaces.

The annual audit occurs in the busiest week for room bookings during the year (typically Week 4 of Study Period 2). It involves teams of auditors visiting each teaching and meeting space every hour from 8 am to 9 pm throughout the entire week and counting how many people are using the room.

The 2015 Space Utilisation  Audit will be held 23-27 March 2015.

Audited rooms:

City East | City West | Magill | Mawson Lakes | Whyalla

Space Management Guidelines

UniSA has developed Space Management Guidelines (currently under review) to assist in the effective management of space at the University. The Guidelines set out principles, roles and responsibilities for space management, as well as operating and space allocation guidelines.

The operating guidelines assist UniSA in the day-to-day allocation of space and the establishment of annual utilisation targets for both teaching and non-teaching space.

The space allocation guidelines are intended to guide the assessment of space utilisation across the University and to aid future space planning. They have been developed with reference to the TEFMA (Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association) Space Planning Guidelines, the Government Office Accommodation Committee’s Office Accommodation Guidelines and UniSA’s Office and Workstation Allocation Standards.


UniSpace is UniSA’s space management database that enables the University to monitor the efficient use of building space and plan capital development, as well as support many corporate functions from timetabling to management of the phone directory.

UniSpace records data in relation to campuses, buildings, building levels and rooms. The system sources spatial information from the central building records, booking information from Syllabus Plus and occupancy information from a number of corporate databases to support space utilisation projects.

Access to the UniSpace directories is password protected.