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Cleaning and Waste Management

The Campus Operations Group within The Facilities Management Unit ensures that the cleaning across the University's campuses is maintained to a high standard. Cleaning of the University facilities is done under contract to a detailed schedule. Facilities Management liaises with the service provider via the Facilities Coordinator on each campus.

All buildings are cleaned, and general waste removed daily from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and the University Christmas closure period.

Staff are encouraged to identify areas of cleaning performance that appear to fall below the acceptable standard. If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning performance please contact the Facilities Coordinator or the Campus Facilities Manager on the relevant campus.

Should any additional or special cleaning be required, you should contact FM Assist. Depending on the request, you may incur a charge to your cost centre.

New Bins Rollout

In late 2008, the University of South Australia made a commitment, in conjunction with KESAB, to be proactive in the effective management and reduction of waste to landfill. We have recently completed replacing the existing mixture of external bins and bin enclosures with uniformly designed and easily identifiable dual stream bin enclosures for general waste and recyclables. The strategically placed sets of dual enclosures across City West, City East, Magill and Mawson Lakes Campuses will provide all students, staff and other visitors a recycling option and lead to a reduction in the general waste stream.

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For further enquiries please contact  FM Assist