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How to register
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General Information


Hazard Information


'Working Safely at UniSA' - Online Contractor Induction Program

The University is committed to:

This commitment is in accordance with the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA),

the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA) and the Return to Work SA Code of Conduct for Self-Insured Employers 2016.

Prior to the commencement of work on any University campus or building, all contractors must successfully complete UniSA's Online Contractor Program: 'Working Safely at UniSA'. The completion of 'Working Safely at UniSA' is mandatory, and access will not be provided prior to the completion of this online program.

To maintain awareness of the procedures and management for contractors at UniSA and to enable access to UniSA premises, the online program, 'Working Safely at UniSA' is to be completed annually.

Queries relating to the online program 'Working Safely at UniSA' can be directed to the Facilities Management Unit by calling 8302 1646 or by emailing your queries to workingsafely@unisa.edu.au

Click here to access the Working Safely at UniSA - online program for contractors or go to your local FM Assist office to undertake the online induction.

Contractor ID Card

Upon completion of the online program for contractors; 'Working Safely at UniSA' and prior to the initial commencement of work on UniSA campuses or buildings, contractors are required to:

If you have not completed the online program, 'Working Safely at UniSA' you will not be provided with a Contractor ID Card and will not have access to the site.

It is an expectation that the online program for contractors is completed in advance of the work commencement date. In the circumstances where completion of the 'Working Safely at UniSA' has not been completed in advance and/or the contractor has had difficulties in accessing the online program, the Security staff can make available access to a PC to enable the completion of the program.


Onsite Management

Upon subsequent visits to University campuses or buildings, contractors are required to:

Continual Participation in OHSW initiatives

Contractors will still be required to participate in a range of other forums designed to provide further OHSW project /program specific information. This includes but is not limited to OHSW procedures such as;

Queries relating to the online program 'Working Safely at UniSA', can be directed to your Contract Supervisor or by contacting the Facilities Management Unit on Telephone: 8302 1646

Contractor Induction Manual (updated Dec 2011 PDF, 1.1Mb)


How to register your businesses with UniSA

UniSA uses a wide range of businesses for major and minor building projects as well as for building maintenance and porterage. To do business with UniSA a company must be listed on the General Builders and Individual Trade Contractors Register.

If you would like to register as a Principal Consultant please complete the Principal Consultants Brief.

If you would like the opportunity to work with UniSA please click on the relevant link below based on the value of the projects that you would like to undertake. The Registration Briefs must be filled out in full and forwarded back to the address provided on the Registration, along with supporting documentation.

Registration Briefs - Contractors


Registration Brief - Principal Consultants



Contractor & Principal Consultant Registers - Staff Access Only