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Materials & Mineral Sciences MM Building and The Plasso
University of South Australia  Mawson Lakes Campus

"The MM Building is intended to be a catalyst for innovative learning and teaching and high quality research in the materials and minerals science and engineering hub located at Mawson Lakes. The building facilitates the engagement between undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, higher degree research students, leading researchers and industry stakeholders in a flexible, open and creative space aimed at stimulating innovation in relevant areas. The building will ensure the delivery of contemporary practice-based education programs and internationally significant research" University of South Australia's Project Vision Statement for MM Building and The Plasso

The University of South Australia set an ambitious brief to create a new landmark building at the physical and philosophical centre of the Mineral and Materials research hub at the Mawson Lakes Campus. The intent of the MM Building is to underpin a nexus between learning, research and industry in view of propelling this aspect of science well into the future. The Plasso is a unique and complimentary landscaped area that strongly integrates this new building into the fabric of the Mawson Lakes Campus.

The 7,300m 2 building will accommodate 55 academic staff and 45 HDR students, representing both the Mawson Institute and The Future Industries Institute, and will include an experiential learning studio for use by 120 honours level students. The collocation of these groups is in part focussed around the new Minerals and Materials degree to be offered by UniSA in 2012.

Intended to promote knowledge transfer, the building will offer a range of spaces where industry representatives and researchers can come together in small collaborative settings or in a large theatre setting designed for optimum engagement across a diverse group of researchers and integration with a global research network through advanced information and communication technologies.

The building comprises a range of laboratory facilities in a unique combination with a series of experiential learning spaces. The Cell Therapy Suite will be certified by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

The building is on target to achieve a 5 Star Design Rating under the Greenstar Education Tool. In addition to this the university has set a maximum carbon emission target of 80 to 85kg of CO2/m2. The building layout, orientation, facade treatment, material selection, and building
services design are all critical to achieving these goals. The building services design utilises chilled beams, active mass cooling and fabric socks to deliver supply air to the laboratory spaces. UniSA are cognisant of the imperative for efficient water use and the building incorporates rain water harvesting and grey water technologies.

The design response has been informed by a robust examination of the project brief and vision set by UniSA, coupled with specific reference to the campus and locality. The design of this project is informed by and responsive to a series of themes set from the earliest stage.

MM Building and the Plasso - pdf file