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Building V at Mawson Lakes campus

The University of South Australia's Building V - Mawson Institute at Mawson Lakes Campus has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star - Education Designs v1 Certified rating, which represents 'Australian Excellence' in environmentally sustainable design/construction. Building V - Mawson Institute is the first laboratory intensive building to achieve a 5 Star Green Star rating in South Australia in 2011.

In 2010 Building V at Mawson Lakes Campus was also awarded the top prize for sustainable architecture at the Australian Institute of Architect's South Australian State Architecture Awards.

Designed by Guida Moseley Brown Architects in association with Russell & Yelland Architects, Building V expresses both the fundamental principles of environmentally sustainable design and the innovative research of the Mawson Institute's advanced manufacturing research groups. The design of Building V is centred around promoting interaction between each of the Mawson Institute's advanced engineering research groups to encourage innovative and leading edge research that can move beyond the University and into pre-commercialisation.  

Building V challenges its occupants to move beyond the laboratory environment through providing informal social spaces and breakout areas that encourage informal interaction between the researchers, administration staff and visiting academics. The building plan is based on two near parallel linear wings that are fused together by an open linking space. The two linear wings support the highly organised and flexible laboratory accommodation in one and the office accommodation and breakout areas in the other. The open linking space between the two linear wings provides for access and circulation while doubling as an informal social meeting space. Natural light from four large roof monitors is used to define the open linking space and establish an inviting social environment. 

Building V boasts its environmentally sustainably design principles through a green wall sited along its northern facade. The green wall provides a visual aspect for the laboratory occupants while creating a bold statement from Elder Smith Drive. The green wall also doubles as a screen to shield the 'peristital' services corridor that runs externally alongside the laboratories. The 'peristitial' services corridor is an innovation of Building V that enables all laboratory services to run externally from the building, providing for future flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Building V challenges the typical perception of a laboratory environment through melding flexible research laboratories with open interactive spaces, encouraging social interaction and fuelling the potential for cross pollination between the Mawson Institute's different engineering research bodies.