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Emergency Management

The purpose of the Emergency Response Manual is to identify, in a user friendly format, the critical initial steps to be taken by authorised University staff in response to specific emergency conditions. While it has been designed for use in emergency situations, it will be used also as an information manual for staff with emergency management responsibilities. It will provide a mechanism for assuring the continued accuracy and relevance of these emergency procedures and, the ongoing competency of key persons to effectively implement these procedures.

The manual has been compiled with input from staff throughout the University and will continue to evolve, as specific plans are progressively refined. Suggestions for improvement should be directed to the Director: Facilities Management.

Whilst the Emergency Management process deals with the immediate response to an incident, the Strategic Crisis Management Team has a business continuity focus. The University’s Crisis Management Framework adopts the principle of dealing with issues at the lowest possible level, to allow for escalation should a potential crisis emerge out of an event or situation. Further information relating to emergency and crisis management can be found at: