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SafeZone - Important points to note (FAQs)


SafeZone does not track your location until you send an Emergency Call or make a Help or First Aid call. All information that you provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Privacy Laws.

Download and Registration

After downloading the SafeZone app from Google Play or Apple's iTunes App store, you must sign up for the campus(es) that you attend. Until you sign up, you will not be able to use SafeZone to get help from your campus security team. To sign up, after your download is complete, simply tap on the SafeZone App icon and follow the instructions, using your university e-mail address, create a new password and provide other details as requested.

Location Services

SafeZone uses smart device positioning services provided by Apple and Google. In order for your location to be provided to the campus security team at the time of raising an Emergency Call or making a Help or First Aid Call, location services must be enabled on your mobile device.

Note that:

What if I am outside the SafeZone Area?

If you raise a Call or Alarm when you are outside one of the defined SafeZone Areas, (for users in Australia) your App will direct you to a 000 call and connect you to the appropriate Australian 000 emergency call centre.

What information do I need to provide?

After downloading the SafeZone App and agreeing to the End-User Licence Agreement, you will be required to provide your name, a password, and your university-authorised e-mail address. Registration confirmation and App operations commence on receipt of a confirmation from your authorised e-mail address.