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Course and teaching feedback

Students have the opportunity to provide feedback on the courses they undertake and the teaching staff that teach those courses through the myCourseExperience questionnaires. Feedback on courses is considered by the course coordinators and program directors, the Head of School and Dean: Teaching and Learning. Feedback on teaching is considered by the individual lecturers and their Head of School.

In an aggregated form, feedback on programs, courses and teaching is available to members of the University's Senior Management Group.

In addition to myCourseExperience, staff may also use other methods of evaluation such as focus groups and peer review. A short summary of changes arising from student feedback will be included in the Course Outline the next time the course is taught.

If you are unable to find this information please contact your Course Coordinator. 

If you have an issue or grievance that you would like to discuss now, please contact the USASA student advocates or the Student Ombud.