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O-Week suggestions

Help for new students

Yesterday I was returning a pool car back to the City West Campus and within the space of 5 minutes was approached on three separate occasions by new students asking for directions (I was wearing a UniSA Polo). I noticed there were a few more puzzled students standing in front of different maps and thought it would be a great idea (if we don't do this already) to get someone (whether it be a U-buddy?) to walk around each campus during the first week of uni helping direct new students to class and answering any questions (particularly those who couldn't make it to orientation week).

Currently, U-buddies are on campus during the first week of semester, particularly around service and welcome areas providing information and direction. It has been recognised through feedback from a few areas that there is a need for a greater number of U-buddies during this period which will be planned for next year. The suggestion to have U-buddies play a role around the campus more broadly in key areas during this period is a good one and will be included into the planning for next year.

March 2014

Gear Up music festival

Think Gear Up is a great way of bringing people together however think a music festival style event would work better later in the year, like an end of semester celebration. This O-Week should be an opportunity to get to know the other students you'll be studying with and feel like you belong to a particular group. We could do a series of events like mini competitions commerce vs. marketing students at table tennis or law students debate off etc like a grown up sports day. It would be great to have regular live musicians playing on campus too.

The Student Experience team recently conducted an evaluation of Gear Up 2014 including developing a series of recommendations for 2015. They will be busy over the next few months considering these recommendations and making any necessary changes to the structure and make-up of the event in 2015. This kind of feedback is invaluable in improving the Student Experience both during orientation but also throughout the year, so thank you for taking the time. Future Gear Up plans will be communicated to students in the coming months. In the meantime, the Student Experience website features the various events and activities coordinated throughout the year, including UniSA Sport which hosts a variety of sporting activities, including inter-varsity competitions, but also fun things like table tennis on campus!

March 2014