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image of students relaxing on the campus lawnsFrequently asked questions

What happens to my feedback?

UniSA values your feedback, so each time you participate in an evaluation activity your feedback is used to improve your University experience.

What you say is reviewed by the relevant governance group and could be about:

After reviewing your feedback UniSA responds and outcomes are posted on this website.


Why should I participate in evaluations?

Participation in UniSA's feedback and evaluation activities gives you the opportunity to improve UniSA programs, services and facilities. Your feedback can enhance your experience and the experience of future students.


Are the responses I give confidential?

Responses are aggregated (which means no individual can be identified). It is this broad level summary of data that is reported.


Why does UniSA survey us?

UniSA is committed to providing an outstanding student experience but can't do this alone. Your feedback from evaluation activities is used to enhance your time at UniSA.


How do I provide feedback about my lecturers?

Each study period students have the opportunity to provide feedback on their lecturers and tutors through the myCourseExperience questionnaire which can be accessed from the Course Essentials block of each of your learnonline course sites. Heads of School and Senior Academic staff use this feedback to to improve your learning experience.


How do I provide feedback on a course I am studying?

Each study period you are invited to complete a course evaluation via the myCourseExperience questionairre. Heads of School and Senior Academic staff use this feedback to enhance course delivery and content.


Where can I give feedback about food and drink on campus?

You can submit your feedback about food and drink on campus to the Facilities Management Unit (FMU).


Do students get an opportunity to give feedback once they graduate?

Yes. There are three main evaluations for UniSA graduates: