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Commonwealth supported students are charged a portion of the cost of their higher education through a student contribution. The Australian Government also contributes to part of the cost, through the Commonwealth contribution.

The Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) allows eligible students to defer their student contribution (through HECS-HELP) and repay it later through the taxation system. Some Commonwealth supported students are not eligible for HECS-HELP.

More information about Commonwealth Supported Places

Am I eligible for a Commonwealth supported place?

Find out if you are eligible and how to maintain eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported place.

Am I eligible for HECS-HELP?

Find out if you are eligible to receive Commonwealth assistance through the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and defer your student contribution (through HECS-HELP).

How much do I pay?

Commonwealth Supported students are required to pay a student contribution for each course. Please refer to the course information page to find out the student cost of the contribution required for each course.

What are my payment options?

If you are eligible for HECS-HELP, you may pay your student contribution by:

  • Making a full up front payment (you will receive a 10% discount)
  • Making a partial up front payment and obtaining a HECS-HELP loan for the remainder (you will receive a 10% discount where your up front payment is $500 or more for courses in a program that have the same census date), or
  • Taking out a HECS-HELP loan for the full amount of your student contribution

Please note: From 1 January 2012, the Australian Government has lowered the HECS-HELP discount, applied to up-front student contribution payments of $500 or more, from 20 per cent to 10 per cent.

If you are ineligible for HECS-HELP you must pay your student contribution by the due date.

How do I pay?

Information about UniSA's invoicing and how to pay.

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for submitting a CAF (Commonwealth Assistance Form) by the due date, enrolling by census dates, checking your student email, reading notices and invoices and staying out of bad financial standing (BFS).