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Bad financial standing (BFS)

You are considered to be in BFS if you have any overdue fees or charges. If this occurs, BFS is automatically applied to your student record.

A BFS indicator on a student record means that the student will not be permitted to:

In order to have BFS removed all overdue fees and charges must be paid in full

To avoid the inconvenience caused by the effects of BFS it is important to ensure that all fees and charges are paid in full by the appropriate due date.

As an international student it is very important that your fees are paid by the payment due dates for each study period in which you are enrolled. If you are in BFS you will be unable to enrol and are at risk of having your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) cancelled. As an international student if you do not maintain your full-time enrolment you may be in breach of your student visa. The University is required to report non-enrolled international students to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

If you are facing financial difficulties we strongly suggest that you contact the Student Finance team prior to the due dates to discuss your circumstances.

Library fines

It takes approximately 1-2 business days for the Bad Financial Standing (BFS) to be cleared after a library fine has been paid.  If you urgently require the BFS to be lifted, please contact the library for assistance.

Miscellaneous charges

Being in bad financial standing (BFS) for a miscellaneous charge means that you have not paid for an increase in internet or printing quota.  Please contact Campus Central for more information.