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Amendment to enrolment and fees due to special circumstances

Students who withdraw from a course after the census date may apply for an amendment to enrolment and fees in special circumstances if they can demonstrate that special circumstances have impacted upon their ability to study. The special circumstances must be supported by documentary evidence.

Special circumstances, as defined in the Student Learning Entitlement Guidelines, are those which include, but are not limited to, medical, family, personal, employment or course related circumstances which were:

Requests for an amendment to enrolment and fees under special circumstances should be made using the Application for Amendment to Enrolment and Fees in Special Circumstances form.  The form should be sent to Student Finance within 12 months of the student undertaking or withdrawing from the course(s) for which they seek amendment or remission. This requirement may be waived in circumstances where the student can demonstrate that lodgement of the application within the timeline was not possible. However late acceptance of the application does not guarantee that the amendment will be granted.

Student Finance will notify the applicant of the decision in relation to their request within 20 working days of the receipt of the request.

If the request for post-census amendment to enrolment is granted the University will:

If the request for post census amendment to enrolment and fees in special circumstances is denied, Student Finance will notify the student of the decision, the reason for the decision and the student's right of review.