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Use of the SSAF revenue

Ongoing updates about the use of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) revenue will be published here to inform students how the revenue will be spent, and later, what impact it has had on the University community.

How will SSAF be spent in 2014?

Download the full 2014 revenue and expenditure report here.

Strategic Initiative Summary of Activity Amount in 2013 $ (AUD)
University of South Australia Student Association Funding to support the operation of the University of South Australia Students' Association, USASA. USASA deliver the key functions of student representation and voice, student advocacy, support for social & academic clubs, off-campus social activities, student media and magazine. 1,400,000

Student Experience Funding to support the delivery of the Student Experience strategy and the activities of the Student Experience Team who deliver the strategy and coordinate ‘outside the lecture theatre’ student experience activities at UniSA. Key activities include the Leadership Program & Pitch Perfect workshops, delivery of Student Engagement Grants program, delivery of all on campus events including Gear Up, Brekky Bar and UniBazaar. 1,340,000
UniSA Sport Funding to support UniSA Sport and the delivery of the university's sport strategy including supporting student recreation and sport clubs, participation in university games events, delivery of on campus events and sport activities and generally promoting the benefits of sport and healthy lifestyles. 420,000
Provost support for student engagement and student spaces Funding to support additional student engagement activities and student spaces projects. 390,750
Career Strategy Funding to support the UniSA Careers Strategy, 2013-2015. Funding will be used to further implement the key initiatives of Volunteering in the Community and Career Shop.
Student Bar - West Supporting the operation of the university's student bar at City West campus. 150,000
Student Engagement Grants Pool of grant funding for Student Engagement Grants up to $5000. 100,000
Better Orientation UniJam Initiative - improving Orientation Week through campus day events and orientation communications. 100,000
Student Engagement Small Grants Pool of grant funding for Small Grants up to $500. 25,000
CRE Activity Fund Funding to support student experience events & activities at Whyalla & Mt Gambier campuses. 30,000
Art and Culture on Campus UniJam Initiative - promoting student art on campus and supporting student exhibitions in the West Bar Student Gallery. 30,000
Student Insurance Personal Accident Insurance for Students. 50,000
TOTAL   $4,315,750


Previous years SSAF expenditure


Feedback on proposed priority areas

All students are invited to give feedback on the proposed areas of SSAF expenditure for 2014 via ssaf@unisa.edu.au. This process is currently underway - see the How will SSAF be spent in 2014?  for more information.


Possible uses of the SSAF revenue

The legislation stipulates that the SSAF revenue may only be used to fund the following services:

UniSA may choose to deliver services and amenities itself or contract a third party to deliver services and amenities on its behalf.