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General Insurance

All insurance policies are subject to policy definitions, limits of liability, duty of disclosure, cover benefits and conditions and applicable excesses.  These may not all be listed on this website.  Changes to the Insurance Policies may occur throughout the policy year.

For further information visit the General Insurance FAQs page.

If you have any other questions, or require details of any University insurance policy please contact the Insurance Office ph +61 8 8302 1678.

Policies expire on 01/11 each year with the exception of Medical Malpractice insurance which expires on 01/08.


Summary of Policies:


This policy provides cover for UniSA clinical trial or research participants that suffer an injury or adverse reaction even when no party is at fault. Compensation is based on pain and suffering, loss of future earnings and medical costs.

If Clinical Trials insurance is required, you must seek confirmation of cover for your Research Project from the Insurance Office.


UniSA will automatically insure the following persons while travelling on behalf of UniSA:

You must check cover with the Insurance Office prior to travelling if:

Further information:



This policy covers losses a Director or Officer has become legally obligated to pay on account of any claim against them for wrongful acts committed before or during the policy period while acting on behalf of UniSA.

Cover is also provided for persons holding outside directorships with the knowledge and consent of UniSA (written authorisation should be obtained for outside directorships that have University approval).



1. The University's permanent art collection, Samstag Museum of Art, as per declared schedule.

2. Exhibitions as declared to the Insurance Office. (This must be done at least 5 days prior for cover to be placed and confirmed).

This policy holds a nil excess therefore any loss amount will be claimable.


This policy covers loss, destruction or damage to property that the University owns or has accepted responsibility to insure prior to the loss, destruction or damage.

For example theft and damage of University equipment, cost of replacing/changing locks after loss of keys etc.

This policy contains a number of sub-limits and differing excess amounts, however the standard excess is $10,000 for loss of University property.



This policy is designed to cover death, disablement or loss of income (subject to a 7 day excess) following an accident while travelling directly to or from work.  The policy has been extended to also cover authorised meal breaks.

If you are the third party involved in a Motor Vehicle accident you would claim under the Compulsory Third Party Bodily Injury insurance included in vehicle registration before attempting to claim against the University's Journey insurance.

All staff who suffer an accident whilst in the workplace are directed to contact Human Resources for advice on Workers Compensation (also for a definition on "workplace").


This policy serves to cover the University's staff and students for possible medical negligence exposure (excluding clinical trials which are insured under a separate Clinical Trials policy).

This policy will also provide cover when the University's staff and students are providing a professional service on behalf of UniSA that could possibly result in death or bodily injury.

We must hold Medical Malpractice insurance because our Public Liability and Professional Indemnity policies have exclusions relating to bodily injury.  If Medical Malpractice Insurance is required, you must have either a signed Placement Agreement or Affiliation Agreement with the Host organisation, or confirmation of cover for your Research Project from the Insurance Office.


Any licensed driver authorised to drive a University vehicle will be covered by this policy, standard exclusions still apply.  This policy covers loss or damage to the University's vehicle and the legal liability out of the use of the University's vehicle Australia wide.

The standard excess for this policy is $500, however an additional Age and Inexperienced Driver excess also applies (breakage of glass on vehicles up to 2 tonne carries a nil excess).

Making a motor vehicle insurance claim.

UniSA does not generally provide insurance for staff personal vehicles.  Employees who are required to use their own vehicles for work related purposes must have the vehicle comprehensively insured. Please refer to Use of Private Vehicle for Business Travel guidelines for more details.

Vehicles that are leased under an agreement such as LeasePlan (salary sacrifice) should be referred to the leasing company. LeasePlan buys the insurance for these vehicles through Lumley General. If you wish to enquire about a LeasePlan vehicle call Mary Radimissis on 8302 3499 or LeasePlan on 8292 7512; or if your enquiry relates to payroll salary sacrifice call Sharon Olsson on 8302 1786.

(Note: Lumley General is also the insurer for the University's vehicles however the policies are separate and the insurance for leased vehicles is not managed by UniSA).


The University has purchased Personal Accident Policies to cover:

These policies are designed to cover death, disablement or loss of income following an accident. Limited cover is provided for medical expenses, but does not apply to any part of an expense that is wholly or partially claimable through Medicare.  Contact the Insurance Office for more detail.

If you are the third party involved in a Motor Vehicle accident you would claim under the Compulsory Third Party Bodily Injury insurance included in vehicle registration before attempting to claim against the University's Personal Accident insurance.


This policy covers loss arising from any claim in respect of Civil Liability for "breach of duty owed in a professional capacity", and also for "libel or slander" made against the employee or the University.


This policy covers the University's legal liability to pay damages or compensation arising out of personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurrence in connection with our business, including expenses in defence or settlement of a claim with the insurers consent.


The University has purchased a transit policy to cover:

With differing policy limits of liability and excess amounts.

Conditions to note: