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Contact Financial Services

Please click on the team member's name to access more information.  Add prefix (830+) when dialling from outside the University.

Refer also to the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Credit Cards web pages.

Name Job Title Email Ext
Kirsti Evans Manager: Financial Services kirsti.evans@unisa.edu.au 21321
Jossalyn Murphy Financial Services Officer jossalyn.murphy@unisa.edu.au 21381
Elyse Perin Team Leader: Expense Management (ProMaster) elyse.perin@unisa.edu.au 21482
Lidiana Bottin Financial Services Officer Lidiana.Bottin@unisa.edu.au 21481
Rosanne Rigon Team Leader:
Accounts Receivable (AR)
rosanne.rigon@unisa.edu.au 21727
Cheryl Gilchrist AR Officer cheryl.gilchrist@unisa.edu.au   21653
Helen Candida AR Officer helen.candida@unisa.edu.au 21655
Inge Richards Reconciliation Officer inge.richards@unisa.edu.au 21447
Pat Hamilton AR Officer pat.hamilton@unisa.edu.au  
Emma Burke Financial Services Officer emma.burke@unisa.edu.au 21796
Lynette Edwards Team Leader:
Accounts Payable (AP)
lynette.edwards@unisa.edu.au 22115
Elisa Rebelos Financial Services Officer elisa.rebelos@unisa.edu.au 22130
Sally Hallsworth AP Officer sally.hallsworth@unisa.edu.au   21793
Linda Mullen AP Officer linda.mullen@unisa.edu.au 21984