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Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation


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Hughes Cars (Adelaide)Hughes Chauffeured Limousines

Halsan Pty Ltd trading as Hughes Chauffeured Limousines (SA), CITICAR and SMARTCAR are the University's provider of passenger transport services within Metropolitan Adelaide. Negotiated competitive rates and set rates between campuses have been agreed to.

Please click this link for more details.  To include transfers with your travel booking, please request this service when completing the Online Business Travel Request Form.


Taxi's (Interstate)

When transport is required at interstate locations it is recommended that the local taxi services are used with payment being made using the Corporate Card wherever possible; or by CabCharge which can be obtained from a Campus Facilities office. All taxi costs are borne by the relevant cost centre.

International travel requiring use of taxis should be recorded in a travel diary and tips may be included if reasonable in the country concerned.

Should you require more information about the use of taxi's interstate, please contact Jo Amey on extension 22563.


Car Hire / Vehicle Rental

The University has negotiated discount rates with specific hire companies.  To ensure that these discounted rates are received it is recommended that all Car/vehicle bookings be made with the preferred Travel Management Company.  Payment is made by the traveller using a Corporate Credit Card.

For rentals both within Australia and overseas, it is the traveller's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle hire plan includes Comprehensive MV Insurance, however, you are not required to purchase a separate Collision Damage and Theft Waiver. The University's Corporate Travel Policy will automatically cover up to AUD $5,000 of the driver excess that you would normally be responsible for, should you place a claim for Collision Damage or Theft (subject to the Travel Insurance policy excess).

Please remember to refuel rental cars before returning them to the vendor as failure to do so will incur additional charges.