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Policies and Forms


On this page you will find various policies, forms and guidelines to assist you with the process of booking travel. Please click on the relevant box to obtain the information you require.

Policies, Guidelines and Procedures

Below is a list of Travel Guidelines, Policies and Procedures as approved by the Senior Management Group. Travellers must adhere to these policies and guidelines therefore we strongly encourage you to read them.

Travel Process

All new business travel requests will now require completion of the Online Business Travel Request Form. Once this form is submitted, the Travel Team will prepare quotes based on the supplied information for you to review and select your preferences. Once preferences are advised to the Travel Team, they will seek VCA Approval for Travel on your behalf, book the trip and provide you with a complete Trip Folder containing all relevant confirmations and additional information related to your booking.

Should you require any assistance with your travel request, please contact the Travel Team on 8302 6430 or travelteam@unisa.edu.au

Travel Forms

Below is a list of Travel Forms that you are required to complete prior to your trip. Please click the link to select the form that you require:

  • Traveller Profile Form - FS88
    (to set up a Travel Profile to be used by the Preferred Travel Service Provider to complete bookings. This ensures that all your relevant information i.e. exact name as per passport and passport/visa details are up to date).

  • Business Travel Diary - FS37
    (mandatory travel diary for Australian Tax Office requirements).

  • Visa Card Application Form - FS52
    (if you have travelled once internationally or twice domestically in the past year - or anticipate travelling in the forthcoming year - this is the preferred method of payment whilst travelling on approved UniSA business).

  • Credit Card Authority Form - FS57
    (to be completed when you have acquitted all the transactions made from a Cash Advance and need to reimburse the remainder of the Cash Advance to the University).

  • Travel Calculator - FS26
    (to estimate a cash advance - guide only).

  • Medical Request Form - FS32
    (to be completed to request a medical consultation prior to travel).

  • University Credit Card Authorisation: Accommodation - FS84
    (if you do not have a University Corporate Credit Card and are booking accommodation then use this form to send to the hotel prior to your stay with the appropriate authorisation of the cardholder so that the charges can be applied against this card).