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Choosing school subjects

Choosing what subjects you take in year 10, 11 and 12 is an important step in planning your study and career path as it will determine which university programs you can get into. To do this, you need to understand:


University entry requirements

2012 tertiary entrance under new SACE requirements (year 12 in 2011)

Students must complete at least 80 credits of study at Stage 2 of which 60 credits of study must be 20 credit Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS).

Refer to Page 42 of the SATAC Tertiary Entrance booklet.

Choosing a career early will allow you check out the entry requirements of uni programs to plan what subjects to take in school. Also, by choosing the right subjects you can keep your options open and keep heading in the right direction.

Prerequisite subjects

Prerequisite subjects are subjects you must have successfully studied at SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent) to be selected into a particular degree. Try to check out the prerequisite subjects for different programs offered by different universities so you get a feel for what is required. Make sure you select subjects in school that match the prerequisite subjects for uni degree programs you want to get into.

Assumed knowledge subjects

Assumed knowledge subjects are those that universities suggest would be helpful for you to have studied at SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent). You don't have to have studied these subjects to be selected into the program but it will be assumed that you will have knowledge of the subject, which might help your understanding in that particular program.

UniSA Achievement bonus points

If you study and pass specific subjects in Year 12 you may automatically gain UniSA Achievement bonus points. Find out if your Year 12 subjects give you points into UniSA programs.

Other selection criteria

Some degree programs will have specific or additional criteria that you need to fulfil in order for you to be selected into the program such as a portfolio or an interview. Make sure you investigate these properly before applying for that degree.

To find out what the selection criteria are for UniSA degrees, check out our list of  undergraduate programs.

Other university terms explained