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Each year our lecture theatres, libraries and research laboratories come to life with the footsteps of students who have chosen to embark on their educational journey at UniSA. They are tomorrow’s nurses, teachers and engineers, and they come from every corner of the globe and all walks of life to pursue their dreams here.

It can be easy to forget that every student has a unique journey ahead of them. As each individual strives toward their hopes and ambitions for the future, many have personal hurdles to overcome.

You may not know that UniSA has more students from a disadvantaged background than any other university in South Australia. In fact, one in every three applications to study here is from a person facing more challenges than most.

But you can instil in each student a belief that it is possible to accomplish any goal they set their sights upon.

By donating to UniSA’s Scholarship Fund, you will give a bright student the helping hand they need to follow their dreams and do something remarkable.

100% of your gift will make a difference

When you give to UniSA’s Scholarship Fund, every single dollar goes directly to changing the life of a student.

Your donation will provide scholarships, grants and prizes that recognise academic achievement and provide vital financial support to those most in need. Your gift will help students across five key areas of education:




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Women in STEM

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