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The Wark Fund

Research in laboratoryThe Ian Wark Research Institute, The Wark™, was established in 1994 and is an integral and proud part of the University of South Australia. We have forged a worldwide reputation for fundamental and applied research in the broad area of particle and material interface science and technology.

Our research activities embrace minerals processing and bio and polymer interfaces, with colloids and nanostructures as the critical underpinning discipline.

The research culture is vibrant, international and high standard. Life at The Wark is enriched by staff and students from 40 nations and representing every continent.

Our research sponsors include the Australian Federal and State Governments through the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and a number of other major funding schemes.

Our research is also sponsored by major national and international companies from the minerals and materials processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty manufacturing and related industries.

There are over 130 graduates from The Wark – the next generation of scientific leaders. They are in high demand, immediately entering successful careers in industry, government, research institutions and universities, both within Australia and overseas.

What sets The Wark apart is our ability to explore new realms to create knowledge. We bring both fundamental and applied research approaches to bear on real-world problems and then turn those findings into effective industrial outcomes.

We have made significant contributions to industry through new product developments, process improvements, specialist consulting, testing and analytical services, as well as short courses for technology transfer.

The Wark Fund (PDF 287KB – download Adobe Acrobat) was established in 2008 to secure funding to support the activities of The Wark. Its primary objective is to support us in the pursuit of excellence in research and research education.

Our proven track record for delivering outstanding returns on investment dollars means that your gift will make a difference many times the value of the donation.

What makes The Wark special?

To find out more about The Wark, visit www.unisa.edu.au/iwri

What can you do

Whether you are a corporate leader, a scientist or simply someone who believes in the importance of supporting innovation in science and technology, The Wark Fund offers an opportunity to make a difference over the long-term.

There are many ways that you or your organisation can help - donations of any value, named scholarships or fellowships, bequests, gifts of assets or property. We appreciate all donations, small or large.

All donations support The Wark’s research and postgraduate education programs. For example:

We honour any request for a donation to be used for a specific purpose provided it is consistent with our operating principles and key objectives. Your gift will not be used to cover administrative costs or fund-raising activities.

Make a tax-deductible gift to the Wark Fund
(PDF 58KB – download Adobe Acrobat)

For further information about The Wark Fund and how we ensure that your donation is put to the best possible use, please contact:

Yvonne Martin-Clark
Deputy Director: Development
T: +61 (8) 8302 0972