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Annual Appeals

Gavin WanganeenGavin Wanganeen Appeal

UniSA's Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship has two major goals. First, the scholarship directly enables disadvantaged Indigenous students to complete their university degrees and qualify for their chosen careers. The second goal stems from the belief that the success of one person can raise the aspirations of many within a disadvantaged community, and the belief that changing the life of one person will help tip the balance of inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. We believe the Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship is 'kicking' both of these goals and have two corporate sponsors who share this belief. Impressed by the outcomes delivered thus far, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department for Water sponsor two additional Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous scholars, thus multiplying the great outcomes started by individual donors. We'd like to update you now on how we are travelling thus far.

Thanks to the scholarship's wonderful supporters, five talented Indigenous Australians have now completed their university degrees, with three of these having graduated just a few months ago. The Gavin Wanganeen scholarship graduates are now making important and worthwhile contributions within our community in areas such as nursing, teaching, visual arts and government service, helping to deliver on our second goal. Other recipients are still studying hard, with some working towards Honours or Masters Degrees, with possible PhD studies planned for the future.

All of our scholarship recipients have commented that without the financial support of the Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship it would be, or have been, very difficult to complete their degrees. The emotional support provided by knowing that people believe in them enough to sponsor them also inspires them to work harder and excel in their studies and careers.

A very uplifting outcome of the scholarship to date is the impact it has had on individuals after they have graduated. The knowledge that they have been handpicked as future role models is an ongoing source of strength and inspiration for them, and their leadership roles in the workforce illustrate the value and opportunities a higher education provides to their friends, families and communities. Read messages from the Gavin Wanganeen Scholarship recipients.

You can download the Appeal brochure (PDF 1MB - download Adobe Acrobat) and read updates on our three most recent graduates. If you would like to contribute to this scholarship to ensure it continues well into the future, please make a donation today. You can download the Gavin Wanganeen Donation Form (PDF 67kb - download Adobe Acrobat) directly. All gifts over $2 are tax-deductible, 100% of the gift goes towards the intended purpose, and taxation receipts are provided. For more information, contact Helen Black, Development Coordinator (Fundraising) on 08 8302 0974 or email helen.black@unisa.edu.au.

Library Appeal

BooksThe words 'university library' might conjure up visions of quiet, near-empty places filled with rows of intimidating books and equally intimidating staff telling you to 'shhh'. But a university library is quite different these days. They are places where questions are answered, ideas come to life, history is preserved and equality is realised. And they can be rather noisy at times.

For many of our students, the number and cost of textbooks is prohibitive. Access to a quality library equipped with up-to-date research material and online databases, textbooks, e-books, computer pools and a conducive study environment is essential. With over 40 per cent of our domestic students coming from one or more equity groups, we consider this equality of resources to be very important and the right of every student.

The UniSA Library is located on five campuses, has over 420 online databases, and a rapidly expanding collection of electronic resources, including 100,000 e-books and 50,000 journals. Each year we loan nearly 700,000 items, which doesn't include resources accessed electronically! With over 40,000 students and staff constantly accessing material the appetite for new books is insatiable - certainly more than our budget can cover. Textbooks cost an average of $110 each and to support our students we need several copies of the popular titles.

UniSA is seeking your support for our students by helping us purchase more textbooks and more electronic books. In return we will write you into the pages of our history. If you give $110 or more, you will be acknowledged with a personalised bookplate inside the front cover of a new textbook, or, in the case of an e-book, via an electronic bookplate with will display in the Library's electronic catalogue.

Help us keep the Library up-to-date. Make a donation to the Library Appeal today (PDF 173kb - download Adobe Acrobat). All gifts over $2 are tax-deductible, 100% of the gift goes towards the intended purpose, and taxation receipts are provided.


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You can make a difference by giving a tax-deductible donation to the

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For further details please contact:

Helen Black
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University of South Australia

Tel. : +61 8 8302 0974
Email : helen.black@unisa.edu.au