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Sansom Pharmacy Fund

Professor Lloyd Sansom

The Sansom Pharmacy Fund was established in 2001 to foster and develop the practice of pharmacy by supporting teaching, research and community and professional activities.

The Fund was initiated to honour the work of Professor Lloyd Sansom and to continue his work in the field of pharmacy. Professor Sansom’s career at the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences was long and distinguished as a teacher, researcher and champion of the pharmacy profession. He was Head of School from 1995 – 2000, and in 2004 the University of South Australia named the Sansom Institute in his honour, recognising an illustrious career that spanned five decades.

The objective of the Sansom Pharmacy Fund is to support the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences in the pursuit of excellence in Australia and engage and promote activities of pharmacy practice to the benefit of the Australian community.

Researchers in laboratoryIn 2008 the board established two new schemes to further its aims - the Sansom Pharmacy Travel Award and the Sansom Pharmacy Fund Research Scholarship. These awards are helping to support our best and brightest researchers in the pursuit of more sophisticated pharmaceutical therapies and improved pharmacy practice.

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For further information contact
Yvonne Martin-Clark
Deputy Director: Development
telephone +61 (8) 8302 0972
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